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  1. We should , the club seemed to have stopped general sales ? Or dont advertise the fact.
  2. Im after 3 for Man city Boxing day.. .Long shot i know , Id take 2 , i can get 1 near with membership possibly.
  3. If we played our best team last we would have beat them ! Lets hope he puts full strength team out.
  4. Did it arrive ? i cant wiat for tonight !
  5. 3k won’t be that much after tax , If you’ve worked hard on adoption and are covered for childcare and have the correct hours to work that will help then don’t even think about moving now. All the hard work and stress of adoption will be worse if you will be given more problems. Stay where you are for now and focus on what you have been working towards , Giving a child a safe home and a family. As i said 3k won’t be much more than what you earn now and it’s not as important as children. You appear to be good at what you do , opportunities will come in the future. Good luck whatever you do. (37y
  6. Hi Guys , Im after 2-3 spurs please . Cash waitinf plus can paypal if needed . Thanks you
  7. 1 or 2 needed , can collect , meet on the day !
  8. Im lloking for 1 or 2 for Burnley - Id like to pay my respects. I can collect , meet at ground or anything. Thanks
  9. The ground wont be open by then , be luck y to be end of season. A friend knows one the staff working on the stadium. He says lots of work to go , they are really far behind also that the contractors will be getting fined due to it !
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