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  1. I thought Perez has looked better this game than he has in previous matches, so there’s a plus. Soyuncu seems to be completely self-assured but as a result he puts himself in silly situations far too often. I don’t trust his judgement around the penalty area yet. Maddison has a real fire in his belly, hope he can keep upping the ante in the second half.
  2. I feel for him as I did for Jeff Schlupp. Somewhere in there is potential, but it’s not being tapped in to, and he relies more on spur of the moment choices than a broader understanding of the game around him, leading to not the kind of progression we need from him.
  3. Beautiful touch from Barnes, seems to be warming up in this half
  4. Thank god for Optus Sport here in Oz, get all the matches live included with my mobile contract... Soy seems to be a bit tentative and scared still, can't blame him given his lack of playing time. Not playing anything risky, just means that play starting from the back is a bit slow or reliant on Chilwell/Ricardo being in a position to do something with the ball. Really want him to do well!
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