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  1. Ahahahah. Yeah, I have no idea why i said that tbh. I was trying to work out what we were playing while recording and also trying to remember who started etc. My Bad
  2. Watford VS Leicester City Watford VS Leicester City vlog, Here are some chants, highlights etc from the game VS Watford. If you couldn't make the game then check it out. If you guys don't enjoy it then fine, i do it to look back on and also because it enjoy it, it also lets those who couldn't attend the game have a good insight on what happened etc. Before anyone says 'watch the game' 'put the phone down and watch the game' i DO watch the game i just get my live reactions etc on record. Also im aware that i said '3-5-3' formation, apologies for that i was trying to work out what we
  3. Everyone has their own opinions mate. I enjoy doing it something to look back on tbh?
  4. Mate I do loads of vlogs, Go and watch them. And yeah it was a shit result ffs???
  5. Here’s my vlog for Leicester Vs Bournemouth. Would appreciate support! https://youtu.be/hxUCuGDLu_A
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