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  1. Knocky has a savage intensity for football that very few have .What a player some of his tackles are lethal.Glad we had him with us though
  2. Yt certainly played the Belgium Scotland game for 85 mins and covered a lot of ground constantly asking for the ball in generally deep role Looked pretty spent when taken off so a weeks rest may do the trick,he plays a lot of simple stuff but keeps the ball and then lets go the odd killer ball.I think he will be OK
  3. Can we remember that a certain Leicester player scored the first goal given by VAR after a very well timed pass from another well known person.We was happy that day.
  4. Amazed they own up to players being out in press .That could really affect our thinking and team selection for the game .Not very clever by Ole but hey ho. Just back from Majorca and a Spanish electrician gave me an education on Leicester City football club/players/manager.
  5. Radio today said the Teilemans issue wasn't dealt with but I'm sure I was in the ground and it came up on screen to most peoples surprise as it didn't look a bad tackle .It was reviewed. He played well for Belgium but looked spent when taken off at 85 min
  6. If you go really quick and cross the international date line then you might get back to late last night and catch match of the day . Don't really know but city website?
  7. Just on Chilwell he did Ok after slightly rusty start but he sits well off the player coming at him which \I get from playing myself but there is a time to get tight and he didn't seem to be seeing it.His focus seems to be go forward and defence is a bit of an inconvenience.But good day all round 4141 looks to be our best set up
  8. My son made a comment about how quick he is to recover when he does miss a tackle or slip.Very tasty so far and great concentration.How much?
  9. hesgoal has been very reliable thus far .Footy Golf GP .Forsooth say I thou can find thy football therin.
  10. Hell we have some agreement . Chilwell and Maguire look very good everyone loves the player who runs out and attacks but lot to be said for a solid experienced player.
  11. I for one would like to see Fuchs continue .If nothing else Saturday showed why he is an upgrade on Chilwell with solid defence the cross for 2nd goal. and a good free kick effort. Defender first but decent in attack and 4 points from 2 away games. Folk love Chilwell like Harry due to the running out and taking on players easy on the eye when one incisive pass would do the job. Chilwell is totally one footed cannot cross reliably and still has a way to go.Havent heard too many moaning about Harry leaving since Caglar stepping in and doing a job.
  12. Mixed feelings re Steve I had a girlfriend when 16 years old June who dumped me to then marry Steve. I know they split and she moved to Blackpool pretty sure Steve was somewhere like Reading.No hard feeling I went on to have my own happy divorce.
  13. Good money, for me but just talk
  14. I probably need educating on this.I know man u did it but the pitch didn't look great at the time.I just wonder why would you dig up and relay if the pitches are in good order and you have all the kit and expertise to keep them in good order Hewitts from Cosby get an awful lot of this work around the country even did the baseball set up at Wet Spam this month.
  15. Are we seriously saying that the entire facility at Belvoir Drive was dug up first week of May and now 8/9 weeks later has been relaid and ready for use. Id be amazed.Im thinking 19 pitches at Seagrave were on the plans.
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