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  1. I probably need educating on this.I know man u did it but the pitch didn't look great at the time.I just wonder why would you dig up and relay if the pitches are in good order and you have all the kit and expertise to keep them in good order Hewitts from Cosby get an awful lot of this work around the country even did the baseball set up at Wet Spam this month.
  2. Are we seriously saying that the entire facility at Belvoir Drive was dug up first week of May and now 8/9 weeks later has been relaid and ready for use. Id be amazed.Im thinking 19 pitches at Seagrave were on the plans.
  3. Carter Tony yes 9 holes will still be there around the outer but I'm not seeing a golf club running there.I have given this point of view in the past but this a football forum so not a lot of sympathy.I knew the original owner and the lads who built the course helped him a little and also the guys who were running it when they closed .20 years of history under the digger I'm afraid.As long as we win the champions league it will be worthwhile.
  4. dyanmark

    A. Perez

    This thread proves that our Ashley is in fact MIke Ashley- welcome Mike
  5. There is no chance this will be in use this time next year=year after more likely .Need a growing season for the pitches when they are in .
  6. I'm no expert but entry fees and training costs jockeys etc must be a fair wedge on top of the purchase prices. We used to say that yacht racing was akin to 'standing in a cold shower tearing up £10 notes' -this sounds very similar.
  7. I m am no racing fan but SDS looked poor over the last 2 days. Talk about throwing money down the toilet
  8. Only saw the 2nd half but we looked Okdecent midfield to up top(missing some chances)but defence was awful.Goalie who didn't want to get his shorts dirty and the two lads in the centre defence were dire no pressure at all on the attackers for 2 goals and overplaying/not making the right decision for the other 2.
  9. Hes good with numbers due to working out his weekly wage ! Actually I can do the numbers but not the letters.Perhaps I'm dislocated,dessicated,dis whatsit -thick .
  10. Shade that's a lot of house . Money is cheap at present and has been for a while compared to years ago but the recent stuff Ive been involved in have involved some serious 'fees' for the lenders on top of the basic rate.Low interest rates are key to a good economy
  11. I'm working in Derby at the min (pride park actually) and its really noticeable how few ethnic folk there compared to Leicester-both in the office and in the properties I go to. Leicester is very mixed
  12. I am concerned about the global warming and carbon footprint of the flights by the RAF and the subsequent rise in sea level which may swamp the villages of these folk. And the plastic bags they send them in getting up the nose of a turtle in the artic ocean
  13. Never in it -And you can imagine the trainer coming out with something like 'he was a little hampered coming up the hill' or.he'll benefit from run out but its come a little early'.'IIn other words keep giving me a ton of cash and we can try again.
  14. Slightly off topic but did anyone else find Chris Evans a absolute dick and words do not describe Vanessa Felz
  15. I am amazed they are relaying the pitch just really hard to understand that one when the pitch is in great condition-.but I'm certain it has absolutely nothing to do with a new stand -and it will take a good bit more than 9 months when it happens.
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