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  1. Anyone noticed that we give away possession about 95% of the time we have a throw?
  2. I think the trickiest thing is that there doesn't seem to be much progress being made. Strange subs, often too late and not really knowing what kind of football we go to see anymore. We have gone from one of the most exciting teams to watch in the prem, to being like England, sideways and backwards and trying to pass it into the net. We have barely scored from open play this season apart from counter attacks like we use to play. Possession play works great when you have the players of devi e ability like man city/arsenal etc do. We have no final killer pass, vardy is not suited to this kind of play and nacho just disappoints almost every game. I have not seen anything this season yet that gives me much hope, hopefully I'm wrong, and who would I have take over? God knows tbh, but then that's not my job! I just wish I looked forward to watching us each week, this football is dire and certainly isn't going to get us noticed around the world like our owners want.
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