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  1. I drove past earlier too and had the same thoughts
  2. Very well put Nigel most sincere another great man keep the faith
  3. Football and Lcfc has been a big part of my life since the late sixties or more specifically the 1969 FA cup final. Although probably now considered more of an armchair supporter I always look for and listen to anything connected to my beloved Lcfc. To say I am in a state of utter shock and devastation as the events unfold is a massive understatement and like you all send out my heart felt condolences and sympathy to all of our FAMILY who are suffering like myself and especially to our chairman’s relations and of others onboard. Went to the club this morning to pay my respects and it was an overwhelming experience an atmosphere of sheer bewilderment being just metres away from this tragic accident site. I feel I must thank the supporters of other clubs for all the comments posted. It feels like the Family is growing
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