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  1. 100% delete this thread
  2. 4,569 miles away for me. I feel we’re almost spoiled in the US these days. I have to have several different online subscriptions to have access to everything but I can watch every match, including Europa league, and domestic cups. I like the BBC Leicester podcast too for the most part. Especially post match I think Piper gives very good insight.
  3. It’s uneven when they play against burnley. But the disparity resolves itself quite a bit when you’re playing Real Madrid. They want more because it’s a business to them. Why shouldn’t they want more? You have a system of sport that rewards the winning teams by promoting them to more profitable competitions and relegating the losing teams to a tier with less money and less attention, yet you are shocked and appalled when those teams use that wealth to protect their position and fight tooth and nail to keep anyone else away from it? I love the promotion/relegation system because it makes everyt
  4. I’m totally against the idea of a euro super league, but living in America, I can say that this line of reasoning doesn’t hold a lot of water. You just have to look at how the NFL can fill seats and make a ton of money despite huge geographic differences, fewer games every year, and “the same old” teams every season. These big teams in Europe look at the stability and massive income of these American leagues and want that for themselves. Like I said, I think it’s not a good idea, but I can understand why they’re into it.
  5. Where can we buy Leicester’s? I’ve never been able to find them.
  6. Thank you both! Very interesting reads. I always liked heraldry. Any time bits and pieces of it are still used today are exciting to me. We don’t get that much legacy here.
  7. Seeing as I'm an ignorant American, could you explain a little bit of why that Cinqfoil is significant?
  8. As an American I can say this would have absolutely been the worst possible development. But I'm genuinely surprised it hasn't already been tried.
  9. I didn't go in expecting much but it's honestly the most relaxing video game I've ever played. Just exploring and occasionally beating on some monsters is strangely calming. It's like some strange ASMR experience.
  10. The DLC is pretty fun if you haven't tried it. The master sword trials are really tough for me and the one hit obliterator quest is a really fun challenge. The side quests are definitely more fun than the actual game.
  11. Just beat calamity ganon in BOTW and it was...underwhelming. Good thing the rest of the game is so much fun to explore. It was shocking how much harder some of the lynels are than the final boss.
  12. You misspelled 4. Otherwise, totally agree.
  13. This guy, his family, and his company are why I'm still optimistic even after the end of last season. It's hard to see what they've done and are doing and not imagine a steady progression forward.
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