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  1. Any advice on parking? I'd planned on parking by the common and walking down, but its all shut off for roadworks.
  2. Missed the bloody members ballot. Do you guys think it will sell out before it hits members, or will there be plenty of tickets because it’s a Friday night?
  3. A swap with the Liverpool fixture would make more sense. Certainly a better slot for Liverpool and Sunday evening is a better TV slot to present the PL trophy (IF they win it). Then move Spurs to Sat afternoon But I'm guessing they'll wait until after tonight's results before announcing the changes.
  4. I’m not local and have driven my LCFC mad 9 year to 4 matches from Oxford this season and use JustPark because my local knowledge isn’t great. But am looking for alternatives. I noticed a Euro Car Park on Fosse Road South when we were driving to the West Ham game. Would this be a good spot to park?
  5. Gotta day the people around Cardiff have been friendly. One of the locals popped over to me and told us to give The Boss a proper send off
  6. Thank you for the information. Bit far to drive from Oxford to Leicester for a breakfast, so will see you all in Cardiff
  7. How do you know that we'll be given a scarf? Has it been announced somewhere?
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