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  1. If he had been played a few more times under puel reign he’d sureky been nominated for POY ! Been rock solid for last 15-20 games
  2. As a huge Northern Ireland fan we’ve been seeing Jonny play like this for years ! The guy is an absolute top international player never mind premier league! Don’t forget he was in the euro 2016 team of the tournament
  3. Keeping the back four intact for next season is an absolute must for the club! We should not be selling at any price ! We are not going to get any better than the four we have at the moment !
  4. Evans would walk back into uniteds defence in a heart beat
  5. Agree but if Rodgers wants total football from the back then surely playing your best footballing centre back would be the decision he should have made!
  6. Really surprised Brendan went with McGuire and Morgan surely evans and McGuire was the more obvious choice if Harry had to automatically play !
  7. To accommodate I can see Brendan playing all three centre backs! He won’t want to upset Harry with transfer speculation and morgo deserves to start !
  8. Big evans a rock in second half ! Well done the whole team ! Fair play big Wes after not playing much recently !
  9. 101 goals now for vardy and to think he only cost 1mil! What a finisher! If he can keep his pace he got many years left
  10. Spell in reserves needed for kaesper!! Too many balls given away in last few weeks and not learning lesson ! Poor
  11. Biggest mistake was not signing striker
  12. Great to see Leicester fans finally agreeing with us norn iron men regarding J.Evans quality ! We’ve been watching the guy for years and he’s absolute quality !! Should have had more game time this season!
  13. 9 points out of last 12 is some going by the team and Puel ! Can’t argue with what the manager has delivered
  14. Evans been best player by country mile
  15. Bout time people on this forum giving J.evans credit!! Played hundreds of games in this league and won many trophies!! Stats this term !! played 10 lost once conceded 3 proud GAWA memeber enough said
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