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  1. Don't see Simpson playing think the only change will be grey in for gezzel
  2. You do know all managers are stubborn. Pep when he was losing said he wasn't going to change his style, same as sir Alex and klopp. The problem is puel went to a team that only played one style with fans that only like that style. Even in the goal against Tottenham which showed how he wanted to play, I heard fans say that the ball wasn't going forward quickly enough and that it was to sideways in passing.
  3. 1 point off 9th,6 off 7th and we looked good today.
  4. I think this is the right order of importance for signings in the summer. But I can see if puel gets his first choice striker that vardy becomes a bench player.
  5. We don't have the money thanks to ffp to pay for him this season so its a loan with the chance to buy him first
  6. Slimani is as bad as no striker. He hasn't been able score more then 2 goals in a lower league
  7. I think the cm we need is in the u23s Dewsbury hall. But he still needs time in the u23s to develop and be brought into the team in pre season
  8. So man city,Liverpool and Chelsea aren't good enough for Europe? It's what happens when your a mid table team if it didn't then there would be a top 7 not a top 6
  9. So was Shakespeare the right manager for us I mean that's what happened for us then a year later gone. Same with the Southampton manager's after puel.also he didn't have a full preseason as most of our star players were at this thing called the world cup and didn't get back to training until a couple of weeks before are first game. if you've seen him on the touchline you can see he's as annoyed by the side passing as us .he wants it to move forward quicker but for some reason the old players aren't as confident with the ball and panic then pass backwards.
  10. I doubt ranieri could do it again with the same squad
  11. Buy Ricardo,maddison etc, bring in young players to start. Why is it that when pep and co stick to their guns and not change their tactics after a run of loses to lower sides their praised but when puel does it he's a bad manager. We say are performance is inconsistent but that is what happens when you play young players their inconsistent till they find their feet. We say we don't attack but generally have more shots,so is it puel fault we can't score or the players in bad form. We complain when we don't get big names, but complain when we send £100 mill on 7 players as it's "too much". For the first time we are in a stable place in the league for over a year, no being at bottom then making a run to finish in the mid table. And we complain that we "suddenly " can't break park the bus. We couldn't do it when we played "our" counter attacking style either.
  12. He's been playing on the left and has been training as a left winger so will probably play instead of Gray or albrighton but will allow are front 4 to be more fluid
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