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  1. Maybe a dangerous opinion to have around here, but does anyone else kinda like Spurs? The 15-16 rivalry was real, the bottling banter is funny, but I don't get the genuine dislike from some Leicester fans. I think they have a likable squad apart from Alli, who's the kind of player you love if he's yours and hate if he isn't. In my experience fans are pretty good-natured too, don't take themselves too seriously, accept supporting the club's a roller-coaster. More importantly, every Spurs fan I've spoken to about it accepts we deserved to win 15-16, and is happy we managed to break the football consensus. I respect the way Poch has built a team the right way, bottom up, and the way he focuses on improving what he has, not spending big money on risky signings. I respect the way they've slowly built from from being content with the odd Europa League challenge to consolidating regular CL football. Surely this is what we should be emulating, and indeed more or less our club's exact long-term plan? Am I the only one?
  2. Was unsure until Bournemouth, but Wes and Evans barely put a foot wrong. With Benko and Soy waiting in the wings, I genuinely don't think we'd even miss Harry, great guy and defender though he is.
  3. Actually, this is no longer true. We're 22nd in the world, with revenue last season of €179.4 mil. Celtic are on €114.7m. So yes, they are financially worse off. But then you look at Everton, on €212.9m, and Spurs with double that at about €400m, and United with almost double that; really we're closer to Celtic than we are to the big dogs. I have a lot of hope for the future and I believe in our club to grow and compete one day, but we can't get ahead of ourselves. You can't mock Celtic by saying that their European success is historic and simultaneously hold historic atrocities against them, isn't really a coherent position. Yes, some Celtic fans have said despicable things about the helicopter crash but there'll be that minority in any fan base. We have taken their popular and successful manager from them mid-season and I think some humbleness is due; this thread was started by a Celtic supporter - who didn't have to - offering us an even-handed evaluation of our new manager. I for one am grateful for that.
  4. I think top 10 finish is all we need to tide us over into next season and more importantly encourage key players to stay (obviously we don't have to sell but it would help if they bought into the vision). Weirdly, as I'd totally ruled it out just 3 days ago, 7th is suddenly looking quite achievable: we're 5 points off, this is when mid-table teams usually begin to take their foot of the pedal, and we have a favourable run of fixtures hopefully a new manager bounce. Not expecting it by any means, but it gives us something to dream about.
  5. Yeah but 50% win rate, even with the dodgy seasons, isn't to be sniffed at. The only long-term Leicester manager in history with a win rate over 50% is Nige in his first term with 51.40% (entirely League 1 and Champ results). Next closest is Frank O'Farrell at 46.27%. Obviously our squad isn't as strong as the one Rogers had at Liverpool (yet? ) but I think most fans would be more than happy if he got anywhere close to his Liverpool record.
  6. Personally I really liked his passion in the technical area, no-one can say he didn't care. I think most fans assume that his dull press-conference persona was also how he encouraged his players (which is to say, not a lot). That's something a manager does need to be able to do to succeed, now and always. By all accounts his lack of man-management seems to have been his downfall, you can't imagine him being able to galvanise players too much. Then again he obviously managed to get them going against Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Spurs so it's all a bit of a mystery.
  7. I think the ship's sailed on Silva. Tielemans seems like more what we need as a club and fits in more with the youth-orientated vision the board obviously have.
  8. Big Brendan here to batter the opposition. 11-game unbeaten run ensues, Europa League guaranteed.
  9. My concern is the summer transfer window. We're safe for sure, but people are already chasing after Maguire and Chilwell, and the Big 6 will no doubt be on the hunt for Maddison too. If we do end up with a 12-15th place finish, I worry the young talent will be looking to leave just as the likes of Vardy, Morgan and Evans are beginning to be past their best. The squad may well end up being decimated, and then whoever we appoint will have it way harder next season. If both the players and Puel know his days are numbered, the motivation to get results just won't be there. A new manager and renewed efforts for a top 7/8 finish would make it way more likely for them to stay. Then recruiting on top of that, next season could be something special.
  10. I've been Puel In since the beginning of the season. I've doubted him since September, but it is important to back the manager and counterproductive to cry for the sack with every loss. There've been flashes of good in with the dull, after all. It gives me no pleasure to say this, but his is just one insufficient result, one spineless performance too many. I do pity the guy. The squad he has to play with is unbalanced, but as manager he has to take responsibility and 17 games in patterns are emerging. Pointedly refusing to buy a striker in Jan shows how tactically clueless he can. Even without the players, someone like Poch or Pep can make bad players better, help uncertain players adapt into the system. Puel's system changes every week, and has only succeeded in making good players bad. He also seems unable to inspire his team during a game. In a year, he's lost out on an unusually straightforward 7th place finish with European football, and 1/3 of the way into this season he has plunged the City into the bottom half of the table. Looking at the run of games through December and January, with Puel in charge we're only going to drop further. The sacking of Puel is now an inevitability. I now just hope it is done as soon and painlessly as possible. Let's get a fresh new manager in time to mop up in the transfer window and energise the club going into 2019.
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