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  1. Corny fox & lcfc0123 are both used by the same user. I have reported it to the admin and we've exchanged emails over this situation. I plan to go the bank first thing in the morning tomorrow and see what they can do about it.
  2. So I'd recently thought I bought three tickets for this fixture for £75 each. The user I bought it from said he'll post them out first class in the afternoon to arrive for Tuesday 24th. But I have still yet to receive anything at all and I have messaged him and he's yet to respond. So this had lead me to believe I have been scammed. It's a shame because I have bought numerous tickets from here over the past year or so. So I leave this message to say be on the look out for dodgy accounts and let my lesson be a lesson for all. It's a shame ( if anybody knows where I should report this user on this website or where to take action from here please let me know many thanks.)
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