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  1. I think the benefit that Maguire gives is his ability to play the ball out from the back. We may concede more goals with him in the side but he has the ability to be the springboard for attacks too. This is what Man United have bought him for cos they have to play 75% of their games against teams who park the bus. For that reason, selling him might actually improve the team. We will only play against packed defences for what, 40% of the time? Given how attack-minded our full-backs are though, it might actually improve the team if we brought in a ‘unit’ like Lewis Dunk to replace him.
  2. Would be good to see Benkovic given a run out in a Foxes shirt. My worry is that so much of our playing-from-the-back style relies on having a centre-back like Maguire who can go past people. We really need to find another ball playing centre half otherwise our whole style of play will be seriously compromised.
  3. All the things that won't get agreed in the event of No Deal will all still need to be agreed at some point. There may be a clear direction of travel but there's no destination.
  4. LOL. Yes sorry. I was just commentating on the overall 12% shift. I wasn't thinking that 12% of Brexit voters had suddenly switched to supporting Lib Dems. Politics is strange these days but not that strange.
  5. I wonder how much 'staying power' the Brexit Party will have though. Already down 7%. They made some sense for the EU elections - but how seriously will the electorate take them when they have no domestic policies?
  6. The 12 point swing from Brexit to Lib Dems is interesting. Must be because we're actively preparing for No Deal. I think most people will reach a 'tipping point' somewhere or other along the line with regard to Brexit where it suddenly becomes real. It really bought it home to me when I read that Lamb exports to the EU will be subject to a 40% tariff under WTO terms.
  7. Really good observation that. Goes a long way to explaining the appeal of the Leave campaign. True, some Remainers don't cover themselves in glory with some of their actions - but it's the Leaders of the Brexit cause whose behavoir has been bizarre. Things like throwing dead fish into the Thames, turning their backs on the EU anthem, predicting the next 'golden age'... It has an almost religious fanaticism about it.
  8. Exactly this. He had only started 12 league games when we shelled out £25m on him. Utter crazy. He was coddled at Man City as The-next-big-thing. Unfortunately this means he has never really had the chance to develop as he should have. Compare the way Harvey Barnes has slowly developed at Barnsley and then West Brom. Kelachi hasn't had any of that. I think we need to accept that he's way behind where he needs to be as a professional footballer. Loan him out to some lower Championship team like Luton Town where he'll play a full season and see if it makes a player out of him...
  9. I think you might be right. He has scored more Premier League goals than Wilf Zaha...
  10. Ali Begbie

    A. Perez

    £30mil don't get you much these days. He's played four seasons in the Prem as a more-or-less ever present. He's mid-20s so we'll get him at his peak... 33 prem goals.
  11. Ali Begbie

    A. Perez

    Good player and will be a good signing but £30m seems a bit dear... Didn't he give Chilwell a bit of a roasting when they beat us at the KP
  12. https://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/2v9b2rv2gl/TheTimes_190618_BrexitResults_w.pdf Also interesting if you do a bit of data digging on the latest YouGov survey. 9% of those who voted Leave in 2016 now see staying in the EU as their preferred option. Wow.
  13. It was a YouGov survey: https://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/2v9b2rv2gl/TheTimes_190618_BrexitResults_w.pdf Interesting reading. The Express have just (shock horror) interpreted it to their own liking. Revoke isn't mentioned, and weirdly neither is referendum. So 57% want some form of Brexit - but 59% want to stay in the CU / Single Market.
  14. Love that! Great quote I might put it on my LinkedIn profile He was an amazing player for that season. After the 3 obvious ones (Vardy/Mahrez/Kante) I think Shinji made the biggest contribution to the title win of any other player. We would not have won it without him.
  15. I think the mistake was more about our exasperating policy of always always ‘playing out from the back’. In that position, Kasper should of either just played in short or hoofed it. We conceded goals from similar mid-range passes from Ricardo against both Wolves and Manchester United. Saturday’s game was just the ghost of Puel. Rodgers now has a little bit of time to start to sort out our ridiculous way of playing.
  16. I really don’t get the ‘it was difficult for him’ argument. He took over a successful team with a great team spirit and was given money to burn. He has under-performed and under-achieved. That’s not acceptable in League as competitive as the EPL, with top quality managers desperate for the chance to manage clubs like ours . OK he has helped in a move away from the old guard – but that would have happened regardless of who was the manager. This season has been a wasted opportunity. Ironic really that Puel was sacked on the day he could easily have been leading us out at Wembley for the League Cup final - but for another of his head-scratching team selections. His experimental approach to Premier League football has ultimately been his downfall. He seemed to adopt the principles of a Youth Team coach – determined to give lots of different players the opportunity to develop. Clearly this is not how you can run a Premier League team. Watching the game yesterday was painful. Possession football just doesn’t lead to effective football unless you’ve got the quality of Manchester City. It was a fool’s errand from the start, with Puel too stubborn to see what was happening in front of his eyes, game after game after game. I wish the man well, but I don’t remember ever being more relieved to see a manager given Le Boot.
  17. Well, you're not alone. A lot of Man City fans would be happy to give him back as well... https://forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/threads/riyad-mahrez-2018-2019-performances.335464/page-189
  18. Good observation yes. He's scored 10 times this season but 8 of those have come in 'romps'. He did score the winners for them away at Spurs and Watford though. he's not had a bad first season, but at the mo it looks like we've got the better half of that deal for the £60m we got for him. Would we swap him for Barnes right now? Probably not.
  19. Agreed this is my view too. Don't see the point in sacking him now but I also can't believe that there isn't someone else out who would be a better long term option. With luck we'll win the next six games and I will be choking on my words.
  20. I’m not sure how much credit Puel can take for realising that we needed a right-back and a 10. You heap praise on him for the easy things that would have been done jointly with the owners, DoF and recruitment team. It’s not been difficult or painful at all. It’s all been easy thanks to the excellent way in which the club is run above Puel. However, the things that Puel is fully responsible for: (team selections, substitutions and tactics) have been fairly poor.
  21. World class keeper, world class central defender, world class striker. Yes he had some work to do with some of the older players but he basically had the spine of a great team handed to him on a plate. Plus he’s had to do nothing to build up team spirit or commitment to the cause. That was already there. He didn't have to get rid of the players you mention to make way for expensive additions like Maddison and Ricardo. On a platter on a silver cushion. Wrapped in a bow. Believe me most managers would have bit your hand off for the scenario Puel inherited. But somehow he’s managed to turn his best players (and a majority of the fans) against him, got us knocked out of the FA Cup by Newport and sitting in the bottom half of the League. True but too often Puel has diluted the quality of the first 11 by his constant inclusion of average squad players at the expense of the quality that he has at his disposal. Diabate at Fulham, the unfathomable preference for Ihanacho, the decision to play Matty James at Newport. Bringing on ANDY KING when 2-1 down at Newport. Benching Maddison at Wolves. Benching Vardy isn’t even in the Top Five of the Bizarrest decisions he has made this season. These are not the decisions of a great manager.
  22. People talk about ‘player power’ at LCFC. And they are absolutely right. Most clubs would love to have the commitment and dedication that our players have to their club. What a good manager would do is use player power to their advantage. In some respects Puel has done a good job but he has had it easy. He inherited a great group of players and a great ownership plus a big budget. Most average managers could take this side to mid-table. What we need is a manger who can harness that ‘player power’ in the right way. Puel is constantly trying to fight it. Why? It’s a battle he will never win. Who would choose Puel over Schmiecal or Vardy? Similar to Sarri at the moment with Chelsea and Edin Hazard. I feel that this season has been a huge missed opportunity because at the moment we have the money and the ‘pull’ to attract a top class manager and players. But that won’t last forever, so we need to say “Thank you and goodbye” to Puel whilst some of the aura of 2016 still remains.
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