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  1. Due to the virus where some peoples funds will be tight. Would it be a good idea to stop direct debits until we get back to normal.After all the season ticket money is only a small amount of revenue for the club.
  2. Voll Blau. 100 percent. Spot on.. I rest my case. And by the way. Born and bred in wigston.
  3. New around here don't thing so. Been following city for 43 years. I stick to my guns shocking plastic fans
  4. Much better today from the lads. So why do people leave so early.3/1 up ground should be jumping but 10 minutes to go it started and I mean start. At the final whistle half empty ground. Rogers came on the pitch to applaud the fans. Most had gone. Shocking support. Shows him we are a small club. Plastic fans only there for the prem. Don't bother if you cannot see the game to the end. Muppets
  5. We're will never know if football had anything to do with it. But when celtics involved we all have doubts
  6. Shocking thing to do. Real scum. Must of been dreadfull being at home while that went on.Would recommend owning a large dog. We have one. Nobody comes near our house.
  7. New team to enter scottish prem. Lewis. Rangers. Now they will be good.
  8. Only a bit of fun. Wonder if they will win a double treble treble treble treble.I
  9. Can not beleive. Celtic fans get so excited about this scottish treble treble. If we played some of the crap teams they play week in week out. We would do the same. Crap league. Muppet fans. Get over brendan leaveing. We suffered when O'Neil. Left. Move on.
  10. Great display today. Didn't deserve to lose. Any moaners out there get a grip.
  11. Unfair. Nigel was great for us. Have some respect. Who knows where we would be without him.
  12. So why didn't puel bring him off. After he got his knock. Evans was ready to cover. He clearly couldn't jump for. The second goal. Another bad puel choice
  13. He's a young lad give him a chance. This seasons over mid table team. Give him a run till end of season ready for next. Thought after a slow start at wolves he did well
  14. I started this thread. And both are out of form. Both need a rest to come back stronger. But there's a problem. The midfield options are poor in the middle.
  15. I loved Iborra. But to slow for prem. Shame good luck to him.
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