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  1. Very worrying indeed - a real concern that those bloody Aussies will start coming back here! We'll be awash with scooners of VB and Hats with Corks if we don't do something about this climate change lark. In all seriousness though - pretty stark reading of whats kicking off in Australia at the minute - which makes it even more mind boggling with the amount of Coal you boys dig up and send to China.
  2. SAY WHAT?! You have a team on an 8 match perfect run, of which Perez has played (if not started) the vast majority of games and now you want to reward someone who is no doubt a confidence player by dropping him from the starting lineup because he's too lightweight? The same Perez thats scored 4 times in that 8 games?! RUTHLESS!!
  3. tbh, i wouldn't eat that muck anyway, Pukka or otherwise. Pie + Football = Steak and Kidney. End of. Curry should be reserved for post match.
  4. absolutely fvcking travesty, that. NOTHING better than a Steak and Kidney Pukka pie at half time.
  5. Good appointment for them, that. I'm sure it'll be greeted with the usual"not good enough", "done nothing since leaving Leicester" bollocks. If he can get Shakey on board with him, i reckon they've got a good chance of picking up some results with that team. Get them organised, get their team spirit sorted and go from there. having said that, they'll probably give him 5 games and sack him.
  6. be interesting to see who all the pundits get behind for the Arsenal job now. Which other "small club" are performing better than Arsenal with a fashionable manager? My money is on Nuno.
  7. Standard Leicester at the minute, and bloody great to see. We have an asset that is performing well that someone else wants, so we give them a well deserved raise which keeps them happy in the short term and keeps them focussed. In return we get a contract that is favourable for our negotiating position if/when the time comes for them to move on. Well Done.
  8. I had a very similar incident at Palace away (Sousa's first game in charge i seem to remember) when some guy decided to boo DJ (offside) Campbell's every touch which was made all the sweeter when he scored and i promptly rubbed it in his face (still lost though). He didn't lamp me but i could tell he'd have loved to have wiped the grin off my face if only he'd had another pint before the game. suppose he got the last laugh, what with Campbell turning out to be toilet n'all....
  9. is anyone surprised by this? you can tell Raab's a cvnt just by looking at him. he falls in to that Smug "Jeremy Hunt" style mould for me.
  10. i'll likely be voting Labour but even i think this statement is a load of old blllocks. Based on this statement, where do we stop with our outrage? Should we also be p!ssed at the Surgeon for taking home their 6 figure salary on the back of treating a child with cancer too? Somewhere down the line theres a company that builds ambulances who profit off people having car crashes.......
  11. Fair enough, we weren't at our best for the full 90 but this does a disservice to the performance of an Everton team that played (defensively anyway) out of their skin for a manager with his back to the wall. For me, rest bodies when the job is done. unchanged lineup, get our noses in front (before half time ideally) then use your subs to give Youri/Vardy/whoever a break. Theres probably an algorithm somewhere that tells them they'll snare another half a million viewers by starting 15 minutes earlier.
  12. TBH, i'm starting to hate him, Maddison too. i mean the pair of b@stards are young, good looking, single, millionaires playing for Leicester. what's not to hate?! this doesnt in any way come from a place of enormous jealousy.
  13. Please tell me that actually happened?!
  14. We're having a "turf academy'!? we're so bloody big time nowadays!
  15. FFS - Well done. You've only gone and made me want him, haven't you. 3m24s if fvcking disgusting.
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