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  1. To be fair, as far as the environment is concerned, Corona Virus is probably the best news it's had in years. It'd be interesting to see just how many tonnes of CO2 have not been emitted as a result of China's 2 months shut down alone.
  2. I doubt there's many 92 hectare brownfield sites in Germany for them to build their mega factory on so there was always going to be a cost ecologically.
  3. HOW DARE YOU?! Havent you been following the BBC's coverage of Womens football? surely you've had enough of it forced down your throat by now to understand that its EASILY as good as mens football.
  4. i cant shake an incredibly bad feeling about this game. 2 weeks off - Check News Stories about players enjoying themselves on holiday - Check Local(ish) team - Check Reasonable expectation of at least a point - check the only thing going for us in my opinion is that Lawro has predicted that we'll lose.....
  5. how would you have liked him to have been treated differently? there's no denying that we were ball bag towards the end of his tenure - football is a business, and a results business at that. you don't perform - then you're on your bike. if we'd sat and rested on sentiment, there's no telling where we'd have ended up.
  6. what a bloody lovely bloke. Genuinely cant think of a better/nicer fella to own a premier league football team in my lifetime.
  7. "Wealthy young man in holiday night out with friends shocker" about as boring a non-story as its possibly to write. Fortunately ALL other footballers in the world sit at home every weekend with their carpet slippers on watching Ant & Dec.
  8. What ya tryin'a say!? We arent "big Things"?! Cheek of it.
  9. bloody hell chap, don't apologise! Your experience seems to be (unfortunately) quite common amongst people who do suffer with depression as the NHS (although absolutely amazing in so many ways) does seem to fall short with Mental Health which was definitely what my Wife found when she was suffering. You may have already thought about this, but have you tried contacting any of the mental health charities for some help? My Wife is an ambassador for Rethink which she got in to by going to one of their support groups. I think the closest one to Leicester(sorry - assuming
  10. i think we're crying out for a Grealish type player. Don't get me wrong - playing against him - he's an absolute cvnt - Dives at every opportunity, always in the refs ear, etc. but having that on your team is a great asset to have, even if he's deplorable to play against! To quote an old Foxestalk phrase - he's got PASHUN. Whether that is translated to his new club when he inevitably moves on from Villa is another matter i suppose. It must be easy to put everything into a game when you're playing for your boyhood club.
  11. This didn't get the appreciation that it deserved......
  12. i reckon it'll be the greatest peace deal, maybe ever, SO great. the Palestinians aren't going to know what to do with so much peace. they'll have peace coming out of their ears
  13. looking at it from another side, they've managed to build a 1000 bed temporary hospital in 6 days on the outskirts of Wuhan. Thats astonishingly good, whether it's prefab or not! Over here, we'd still be engaging in public consultations and making sure no badgers are going to be upset! On a completely separate note, i read a book a while ago on the Spanish Flu pandemic - "Pandemic 1918". Really interesting read and amazing to think how far we've come from a knowledge point of view in such a relatively small space of time.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50827313 BBC bigging our Wilfred up this morning. Wilfed Ndidi: Leicester midfielder rising above N'Golo Kante comparisons Wilfred Ndidi has probably got a little tired of hearing N'Golo Kante's name over the past couple of years. After all, since the 22-year-old defensive midfielder joined Leicester in January 2017 he has regularly found himself compared to the Chelsea midfielder, who was an instrumental part of the Foxes' title-winning team in 2015-16. But maybe now is the time for the comparisons to stop.
  15. i've just sent it to my wife - two blue ticks on whatsapp and no reply is a good thing right?
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