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  1. I reckon we are way too valuable to the KP brand to let someone else be emblazoned across our shirt. imagine how it'll look in Bangkok airport - King Power touting it around that they own the plucky 2015/16 darlings of English Football, then next to one of their shops there's 40ft Andy King Billboard with "Londis"as the shirt sponsor.
  2. Tommo220


    Nah, don't be sorry, it is was it is chap - thats just her demon - we've all got them. It's part of who she is. Sounds like you're grabbing the bull by the horns which can only be a good thing. Don't beat yourself up over gaining some weight though mate - we are all guilty of complacency - its part of human nature at the end of the day, (speaking from personal experience)! Its way easier to not go to the gym than it is to drag your ass up and do it, but aside from the "getting back in to shape" part, a lot of people find exercise does them good from a mental health perspective. I hope you do manage to sort it our with your other half, (in part because i'm bloody well jealous of your holiday plans!), but seriously if the ramblings of someone on foxes talk can give you any hope at all, things absolutely CAN go back to how they were with the added benefit that if you do make it through it will absolutely make you both stronger. and if it isn't meant to be, then you'll be stronger and better prepared with someone else further down the line.
  3. i'm very loosely on their side at the minute, but if they descend on Birmingham Airport tomorrow afternoon and stop me going on holiday i could quite easily switch sides and join the calls to have them publicly hanged!
  4. Tommo220


    Keep talking mate - and also, don't underestimate how big a step you've already taken in speaking to folk on here and also calling the samaritans. No mater how you look at it, that right there is progress and is the first baby step on the route to getting yourself back to where you want to be. Thousands of blokes up and down the country wont do that - you have - and absolutely full respect to you for digging deep, opening up and doing what you have. My wife has suffered from depression on and off for the last 8-10 years and is the worst person for bottling it up, not talking and letting it build up until she gets to the point of not being able to function. Its only when i sit her down and prise it out of her that we can get her talking and get to the bottom of what is the driving factor - and it really is that simple for her, being able to pour her heart out to someone who doesn't offer an opinion on any of it but rather offers her the opportunity for self reflection. It sounds like your bro is a great person to have around - someone to talk to who has been through something similar and can relate to how you feel. Keep his number and Samaritans handy in your phone. Remember that you don't need to let it build up to the point of explosion before you speak to either of these guys. i know i've flown the flag for meditation before so i wont bleat on about it again, but it really is a great technique to learn - granted it may not be for everyone, but just having the ability to sit yourself down, in a calm setting to meditate can be the like night and day to some people. Remember that it's OK to not be OK - sounds like a massive cliche, but its true.
  5. I've still got my topps tiles shirt, which i was wearing a few months ago when i answered the door to an Amazon guy. He started quizzing me whether the shirt was fake as "surely Topps Tiles could never afford to sponsor a team like Leicester" - i had to point out that we used to be Properly toilet and at the time it was fortunate that a company like Topps Tiles actually wanted to be associated with us!
  6. I bloody love Hamza. He always comes across as a really nice lad and its refreshing that the most of his social media posts are about his family. great to see him come through the ranks and take his chance - long may he continue to progress and grow as a player.
  7. Worst rain related memory for me was Pompy away - early 2000's when it absolutely pished it down from start to finish with no roof on the away end at fratton park. it would have been one of my first away days - my brother took me, would have only been about 14 - I Think we won but the overriding memory was being soaked for the whole the coach trip back with the whole thing smelling like wet dog. i've still got the programme somewhere that, despite being inside my 'waterproof' jacket was completely glued together in one mass of paper. Wierdest memory - being at Forest when Clive Clarke had his heart attack.
  8. i also remember going to the player of the year awards which must have been 05 or 06 as Joey (from the halfway line) Gudjohnsson was still with us, whereby i stood talking to Momo Sylla and being amazed at how he'd clearly just turned up from the golf course and absolutely stank of BO. This was also the year that Rufus Brevett was an absolute sex pest with my (then) Mrs which i suppose i should have taken as a compliment rather than holding an irrational grudge against him for the last 13 years!
  9. Thanks for posting that - perfect reminder as to why i dont listen to talk sport in the afternoon. I cannot stand Adrian Durham. He's the biggest WUM there is, in fact its laughable how obvious his game plan is. one week he says that Leicester are going to be knocking out the likes of Arsenal, United and Chelsea from the top 6 as it gets their fans to ring in, this week "Leicester need to calm down" to get Leicester fans to ring in. i swear the bloke gets a cut of the money talkSport make from phone calls.
  10. i remember being gutted we didn't sign Kerrea Gilbert after his loan and being absolutely convinced beyond all reason that Mark De Vries ABSOLUTELY WAS going to come good for us. I also remember making a habit every game of ordering my last pint just as the match kicked off and gambling as to whether we had conceded before i made it to my seat - which didnt really need to be my seat as there were invariably 15k empty ones to take our pick from. although its great being a well run, very well equipped football club, there is a part of me that hankers after those days of being an absolute soap opera of a club. Although theres a good chance that its because i just want to be 17 again.
  11. When the reports of United's interest in Maguire first came about, i remember saying to my mate that although he's arguably one of our best players, he's also the one player that can easily be replaced by what we've already got - and that has been proven in spectacular fashion. Caglar for me is comfortably better than the Maguire of last season, with the benefit of being 3 years younger. Fantastic business by the Club. Hopefully Benko turns out to be as good when he gets his shot.
  12. indeed, they did. But there were lies on both sides. Why should the government be held to the letter of their campaign when the majority of the arguments to leave have been debunked along the way? 'We will implement what you decide" is right up there with "an extra £350m a week" or the mythical 70million Turks that would be coming to the UK when they joined the EU.
  13. do you understand the term "advisory"? if not, do please go and do some reading before you comment
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