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  1. Would be an excellent signing for around 12 million.
  2. Why is Aubameyang wearing Arsenal's league position next season?
  3. Man City: Chilwell, Ricardo Liverpool: Tielemans Spurs: Ricardo, Chilwell, Ndidi, Tielemans Arsenal: Chilwell, Evans, Ricardo, Ndidi, Maddison, Tielemans Chelsea: Vardy, Maddison, Chilwell, Ricardo Man U: Ndidi, Tielemans, Ricardo, Chilwell, Evans
  4. Such a fun little competition to watch during pre-season
  5. Kasper (C) Ricardo Benkovic Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Olsen Vardy Barnes
  6. I'd love for us to sign Skov Olsen to compete with Gray on the RW. One for the future.
  7. Ranieri - His charisma which helped make us the 'neutral's team' and built up a fantastic mood around the club. Shakes - His pragmatism in getting us through a difficult period. Wish he was still at the club. Puel - His vision for the future in giving game time to many of our fantastic young players and moving on some of the older ones. Rodgers - Hard to say at this point, but I feel like he strikes a decent enough balance between the previous three managers and seems like a really good fit for us at the moment.
  8. Hopefully Barnes will score this time has to be one of the most common phrases in these threads. Having said that, hopefully Barnes will score this time.
  9. Tielemans' smile is that of a man who want to stay, fingers crossed!
  10. Wish he'd just piss off back to Monaco. He's just a long shot merchant. Can't wait for James to be fit again.
  11. Bit harsh directing a 'you're shit' at a former player
  12. Hence why I called the ref stupid, not Caglar?
  13. Stupid ****ing ref, Caglar was playing well too
  14. Hope Hamza gets some decent playing time! Really excited to see Farquard starting. I can see Hamer pulling a worldie against us just for the bants.
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