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  1. Maddison Vardy Mahrez Tielemans Kanté Ndidi Fuchs Soyuncu Huth Ricardo Schmeichel
  2. Juan Mata? Who doesn't even start for mid table Manchester United? It's unfair to compare numbers 8s to forwards like Mahrez/Sterling and Pogba has been injured all season. Tielemans and Maddison are two of the very best in this league in their positions.
  3. Optus Sport usually has one player interview and one press conference from Brendan.
  4. Barca have Semedo, so it's almost exactly the same scenario as Man City as far as competing with an international rival goes. Bayern have Kimmich and Pavard so really have no need to strengthen that position. I'd be more worried about Juve or PSG in all honesty.
  5. Man of the Match has a nicer ring to it to be fair.
  6. He took it with his left foot as well.
  7. Vardy did well in finishing, but Gray did even better in finding him. The clever dummy, the perfectly timed run in behind and the first time pass back to Vardy with his weaker foot.
  8. I love how Cech had no part in that picture, one of the few Arsenal players I've had any respect for in recent years. (Unless he was the one taking it, of course).
  9. We finally have a pacy centre back to deal with Zaha. 2-0 Tielemans and a Vardy penalty.
  10. And then make that combined person even better
  11. From r/soccer u/illustrious_Engineer Goes to show how insanely good Ricardo is and that Chilwell and Fuchs are both good players, with Fuchs being more solid defensively but Chilwell contributing more in an attacking sense.
  12. That's where Maddison played at the end of the Tottenham game. Maddison, Tielemans, Praet and Ndidi all in the same midfield is the stuff of dreams.
  13. I hope Potter is the manager we replace Rodgers with when he snakes us for a more established club.
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