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  1. Not only that, Ricardo is more effective as an overlapping fullback. Nowhere near as effective playing further forward full time
  2. When we won the Prem, it wasn't with a better team individually but one that played to its strengths. Thats the difference, we have arguably more talent now, but I cannot identify if Rogers knows the best way to use that or has the ambition to
  3. Kelechi doesn't run the 'mob', neither was he a Rogers signing, if Perez was fit, that bag of spanners would start ahead of Iheanacho
  4. Maybe if he was given a proper run in the team and a chance to show, rather than getting 5 mins occassionally where he tries too hard
  5. Were really putting a defender on? Is this the Irish version of 'the best form of defence is attack'
  6. No need to change anything now were moving the ball quicker and look dangerous when we do. Just need a defensive leader, but then we have ever since Huth
  7. Hamza hatchet squad out in force then,HaHa. Must be his fault for all the other shocking performances previously too eh. Sad thing is, he was a good prospect under Puell and gone backwards under Rogers, what an indictment
  8. Good god !!! look what a quick forward pass can do Rogers. Dont go preaching it too much
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