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  1. Huge surge today but they changed the definition of confirmed case to now only clinical diagnosis so close to actual cases but idk why loads more deaths. Don't think it can be contained
  2. The TV platform has nothing to do with the expansion but there will be news soon and construction will start asap after planning is granted. Just less than VP capacity
  3. i don't really understand all this primary and caucus stuff, no idea what is going on. All a bit of theatre. Can't be good to have two billionaires going against each other or a 78 who had heart attack. I don't think Trump has been as bad as people said but he shouldn't be top man in the biggest job in the world.
  4. Outside of Hubei the mortality is 0.4%
  5. they only started being installed anywhere about a year ago and the UK meant to have 240 of 2500 in Europe by end of the year and currently there is one car being delivered with the capability. Plus some like Tesla say 350kw is a battery killer so are again St it anyway
  6. Branding Started off in design and then became mainly branding
  7. I seen that some of th dead are being registered as pneumonia as cause of death so definitely the numbers are lower than reality. This is going to really hurt global economy if it carries on like this Hope something happens to stop this in its tracks as it looks like it could easily go to a pandemic atm
  8. I've just sold my business that I spent over 20 years building up. I loved doing it at the time, some great experiencesand the sense of achievement was great but I also sacrificed a lot to get to this point and right now I'm questioning whether it was really worth what I put into it in the end. I loved the autonomy but I think size and money blinded me a bit
  9. There has only been slightly more recover and leave hospital than have died so far
  10. In the week when people were saying we lacked leaders, they are happy to dump a proper true leader in the dressing room if not always evident on the pitch. He has his weaknesses like everyone but it would cost us a lot to upgrade on him, money better spent elsewhere. Hope he's here until he retires. Been through everything over last 10 years and there's great bond between club and him,really cares. Huge part of the club and that shouldn't be sniffed out even when he's going through a bad run. Big part of dragging us through the crash which is impressive as he was a lucky boy.
  11. Kier Starmer talking about keeping EU freedom of movement,they really aren't interested in the electorate are they
  12. our fans are something else, either 0 or 100 and no middle ground,lack of level headedness.
  13. Kier Starmer talking about a federal UK and a written constitution
  14. China spent the first couple of weeks desperate to cover it up, it's quarantine efforts were probably too little too late and won't work. Nobody can trust what they're saying. There's probably a lot more unconfirmed cases and unknown deaths but it doesn't seem to be that dangerous to otherwise healthy people. Also it shows how impressive modern science is. They had the virus isolated and mapped its genome almost instantly and shared it across the world. Now there's already a vaccine in animal testing.
  15. Buyback clause will cease at the end of the season
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