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  1. if sweden didn't do lockdown then how did you work out that the uk keep it running for 7 months?. the difference over summer was they had gatherings of 50 they banned travel outside of eu and banned care home visiting.
  2. i think suspending him is for show, he will be allowed back after investigation because his post doesnt break a rule?
  3. why is it a big problem in france than other countries
  4. why, he is saying the obvious that if hospitals have too many covid they cant treat cancer patients
  5. u r not answering my question. i have asked what percent of people who have covid die. u keep responding with the death as a rate to the population as awhole. u said deaths arent increasing. i said they are. u said it was bollox. i showed the data. u moved the goalposts without admitting they are. u say there are lots of false positives.u give me a number which means there were negative cases. u give me a range. i use the lowest number in that range to show that if there r lots of false cases, the death rate for people with covid is higher so it is more deadly. u respond
  6. no i ask what is the death rate of people infected not the death rate in the whole population right now. if the death rate is 1 per million, the uk could only ever have 67 deaths in total ever
  7. if at odds with what the media are telling me how can i read it in the news where is proven evidence that covid deaths arent covid deaths
  8. that is the rate of death in population, what is rate of death for people with the virus?
  9. if it is 2.3%,there is a negative number of cases and that is impossible. but if it is 0.8, then that is 1983 false cases. so 2699 real cases and 48 deaths. so then a 1.8% death rate which seems like something we should be concerned for, that is high. but you are telling us it is over so no concern. 1.8% 40m for herd immunity is 720k. so you saying loads of cases are false means virus more dangerous
  10. 2.3% of total tests? last thursday there were 48 deaths. the median time to dying from symptoms is 18 days but we will say two weeks so the Thursday two weeks before 242273 tests was done. 2.3% is 5572. 5572 false positives but there were only 4637 cases. so we had 48 deaths from -935 cases?
  11. how many false positives are there
  12. he is a long way behind in national and key state polls. he is getting further behind not closer. people said his last chance was in the debates na the lost the first one. theres not much time left. there is no way he can win now imo
  13. last year we didn't have a new virus that when left to spread as in march is dangerous for hospitals and causes many deaths so we are in a worse position now. the reason why things are lower now is because of the action to stop that virus which also prevent other deaths. you may say no to more action fine but that shouldnt mean you say no to any action when the virus is around.
  14. u said deaths aren't going up but they are going up. u called it bollox when i point this out then move the goalposts cos u r happy with 52 deaths a day which is probably going to rise more
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