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  1. Belgian players just wanted to play ball. But when it was 2-1, they liked the score and started resting.
  2. The defenders never stop us and the attackers create zero chances. This England team is awful. But luck is enough
  3. Although England is miraculously winning, he should prove it against a good team indeed
  4. First England chance is a lucky deviation shot that goes in
  5. The England backs are really bad. Even without Mertens and Eden Hazard we cut through the defense like butter. KDB, Tielemans, Carrasco and Lukaku make them look like kids.
  6. Trent got completely mugged by Castagne. What a humiliation!
  7. Still waiting for the first England chance
  8. Teams on the field in the Belgian squad: Club Bruges, Tottenham, Olympique Lyon, Herta Berlin, Dortmund, Leicester, Man City, Atlético Madrid, Dortmund, Leicester, Inter Milan
  9. No, I would have been happier with just a promising 3 first games. Not that good. It is worrying, but only a little bit. Better to have a player that plays too good than too bad
  10. He was great before Corona, weak after corona, and this season great again. Worth his price.
  11. I only worry about what goes up fast, can go down fast. His first 3 games were absolutely fantastic. But he can't play like that for 40 games...
  12. That is not the reason. Castagne didn't suit the Atalanta system. Hateboer and Gosens are the better attackers, Castagne is the best defender. And Castagne is way more versatile than Hateboer and Gosens, so he was basically the first replacement and played almost every game. He is not worse than Hateboer and Gosens, he is a different player.
  13. Hi. Sorry to hear that. But look up Steven Defour. His shoulder pops out every 2/3 games. Some people can play professional football with it.
  14. Yeah, he was the best defensive player of the 3
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