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  1. I think the melody is Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z. It works perfect for me
  2. The Belgian Pro League is also not ideal than. We are the only small league where you can send 8 teams in Europe who will all perform decent. No other small league comes even close.
  3. Giving excellent youngsters a chance has nothing to do with the level of your league. Tottenham and even your own team are succesful with young players in the EPL. Barcelona under Pep was full of their own youth players.
  4. Good video to show his qualities and playing style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMoNh6IO3eA
  5. The only ways the midfield will work with Praet are: Ndidi Tielemans-Praet or: Ndidi Tielemans-Praet Maddison
  6. I will repeat my previous post of the Transfer Talk topic As a Belgian I know him pretty well. He scores/assists too less for the CAM position, his defending is too bad for the CDM position, he is too slow for playing on the wing. So his biggest disadvantage is that you can only use him as an 8 (CM). That said, great player. Insane technique and brilliant short passing. All the Leicester fans will love him. I'm glad to see him in the same team as Tielemans again, this will be fireworks. I think Leicester bought him because Tielemans promised this to the board. When Praet was 16 years old, he was the biggest talent in Belgium and caused a major issue by leaving Genk for Anderlecht. By the way, £18M is too cheap. So you can crack a bottle of wine on this transfer
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