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  1. Someone must have the "Ol' Reliable" meme?
  2. Wondering where the Kasper critics are tonight?
  3. Just remembered the 2003 friendly against Barcelona. Still reckon Ronaldinho is probably the best player (not necessarily that particular performance, mind) I have had the pleasure of seeing live. I remember being a kid and being disappointed in the beige kit being worn instead of the iconic blue and maroon FCB usually wear although it would have obviously clashed with our own kit.
  4. Prescient. I also predict that getting people back in so soon will be a disaster but it will be swept under the rug as the other guaranteed disasters of their vaccine rollout and Brexit deal will dominate the spotlight over the next couple of months. You can't say this government isn't consistant.
  5. It would have to be perfectly spherical to be an accurate likeness.
  6. Presumably it's got something to do with that being how his name is pronounced. "Why are the commentators pronouncing Arsenal's new striker's name as On-ree?"
  7. Of course we did. Forgive me - I'm just really stupid.
  8. It was a top-of-the-table clash where the ball couldn't even travel five metres along the ground before coming to a complete halt. Killed their passing game and both of our goals were pretty scabby set pieces. Me and my family were sat in the home end because at that time the away end at Fratton Park wasn't covered - massive shotuout to those that traveled from the Midlands and got absolutely drenched. (Pompey fans got the last laugh as they ended up getting promoted and we didn't until 2014 - although maybe we got the last, last laugh given where the two clubs are no
  9. My understanding was that ISPs are basically local monopolies over there which is why you guys pay so much for relatively low speeds. Over here the lines are owned by a semi-public company called Openreach who are legally required to lease the lines at a fixed rate to any ISP who wants to provide internet service so we get the pick of dozens of competing ISPs. But we're risking getting off topic so, errr, have you noticed that Liverpool have lots of injuries at the moment? Crazy.
  10. Just seems mad to me that radio is such a booming business in 2020, so much so that Murdoch has recently just set up a new station to broadcast his poison 24/7. I'm not joking when I say I don't think I've listened to "the radio" in about ten years. Don't understand how when everyone's got 4G, everything's got bluetooth and there's a bottomless pit of "audio content" (music, podcasts, audiobooks) online that people actively choose to listen to Alan Brazil in 15 minute chunks inbetween adverts for double glazing and the DFS sale.
  11. The 9-0 last season and the infamous waterlogged 0-2 victory against Portsmouth in 2002. Pompey fans still fume at me that the game wasn't called off to this day. Yes, I live on the coast. How could you tell?
  12. Why are more people not seeing this when this is exactly what happened to Maguire. I think people forget that Maguire was a good player for us and there's a reason Man U paid £80m for him. He wasn't always crap - has become crap by playing in a crap team with a crap manager. Anyone recommending anybody move to Man U at this point in time is a fool or a green-eyed agent.
  13. Don't get too smug, it's not like you have a choice to go with another ISP over there.
  14. Genuine question. Do you guys actually listen to radio? Why not just listen to podcasts or your own music on Spotify or whatever?
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