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  1. In the post-match Vardy said that Reina said to him "I know you're going down the middle" or words to that effect and Vardy was giving it large after calling his bluff.
  2. Or to put it less snidey, over the course of one specifically defined discrete range of games? No. Over the course of a statistically significant number of refereeing decisions? Yes.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regression_toward_the_mean Hope this helps 👍
  4. it's literally how maths works mate
  5. My suggestion for improving VAR would be to replace the current system with a streamlined one in which officials on the pitch make decisions in real time and all decisions are final. If there are any mistakes in favour of one team they will inVARiably even themselves out over time as per the universal law of averages. We had a similar system for approximately 150 years and I thought it worked pretty well.
  6. In terms of "players you'd never want to see in a City shirt" I have some bad news for some of the posters here.
  7. Nobody's posted this yet but Diabate scored against PSG the other night, so he's basically as good as Haaland. GERRIMIN! EDIT: I genuinely thought he'd left rather than is just on loan. My bad.
  8. Ah yes, you are right. Apologies for getting too tinfoil on main.
  9. Exactly. So we might as well get rid of it.
  10. So Charles Flint - a director of Dubai's financial services authority - is considered an impartial judge for a club famously linked with Qatar. IT'S BIG BRAIN TIME.
  11. Because for as many wastes of space as there are within the entire Manchester United heirarchy David De Gea is not one of them.
  12. Agreed. I think it's worth pointing out that Brentford are no Newport, either. They have a very good chance of being a Prem team next season.
  13. Are people seriously saying "Danny Ings is a better striker than Harry Kane and should start for England"? The levels of Reaction on this site sometimes...
  14. As a Portsmouth native I attended this game in with the home fans because the Milton End didn't get a roof until 2007.
  15. Rob Davies' latest Guardian column is using the Union FS section vs Wigan as the header in his article about gambling companies. I'm glad it's being used as shorthand for "fans who care about the FA Cup".
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