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  1. Or they may have and hope no one notices.
  2. Would you want to be called a sweaty Sock if you didn't have to?
  3. I remember in the old Kop someone used to shout " knock knock " chorus --Who's there ? Wendy! --Wendy who? " Oh wendy blues go marching in ! We were easily pleased in those days.
  4. I've kept all of mine. I knew they would come back into fashion. Trouble is I'm to fat to get in them now.
  5. Superb! I've been giving my old shirts and other related city things to a Lady I know who goes every year to the Gambia for her holidays. She takes them and gives them to the local children and adults who really have very little in terms of money or possessions. Their gratitude is quite overwhelming she tells me as the shirts in particular last a very long time wash and dries quickly and they just love the colours and in particular our badge. Of course, even in the Gambia, they have now heard of L.C.F.C and look forward to what she brings then each year. Nice to see it being done on such a big scale now though.
  6. Anyone who is embarrassed about anything to do with this club at the moment is an embarrassment.
  7. Just everything since our owners took over. We are so lucky to have got them and the club will never be the same as it was before them. It's our future that most impresses me.
  8. And to think some people moaned because they did a bit of sucking up to their King at the ground. Who's laughing now? Well, done Top.
  9. Why? it was a reference to him looking like the Boxer Frank Bruno.
  10. I see your humour bypass operation was a great success, Victor.
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