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  1. Opinions are just opinions educated or otherwise.
  2. I wouldn't say anyone's financial opinion of the club is sound. Only the club know that, anything else is just conjecture.
  3. yes but it means we keep him though.
  4. Someone's been to the same school of economics as Diane Abbott I see?
  5. Has anyone on here actually seen him play? be nice to get a bit of first hand opinion. Playing for Luton is one thing but it's a massive step up to the Prem. Let's hope it's yet another under the rada star for us.
  6. Yes you can go anywhere in the world and see someone wearing a Celtic shirt. It's a religious and political statement tribal and sectarian as is the rangers shirt. Personally I'm very glad our shirt represents nothing other than being a Leicester city fan regardless of any religion or politics or race. I'm quite happy for them to be a so called bigger club and the stigma of terrorism support that goes with it .
  7. So Celtic are a bigger supported club than us in fact bigger supported than most Premier league clubs. But what does that matter? Their fans are going to watch the same old third division god awful football again this year and next and the year after and probably winning the same old pointless cups and league titles. I wouldn't swop with them for one moment.I don't care about them , we are never going to have to play them unless we meet them in Europe and even the we would beat them. for all their support imagine having the same old crap served up year in year out ? The predictability alone would kill me.
  8. Or they may have and hope no one notices.
  9. His agent isn't on Holiday.
  10. How long did it take Liverpool to get back on top? Football is ever changing and Man united got left behind. I can't see them topping Man city or Liverpool for a very long time or ever . As each year goes by with Man united being second or third best their standing will be low amongst up and coming players. They are not even owned or run on the right lines anymore. No Fergie no success.
  11. A rare holiday snap of the two cheeky I.T.K tipsters.
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