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  1. Looking for one adult ticket for Brighton Away please.
  2. Actually, if it stays as it is, the lowest we can finish is 10th, since Watford and West Ham play each other in the final game.
  3. Oh, I meant when it was first introduced in 13/14 I believe. I'll have to admit it was a curious addition at the time.
  4. Ever since Palace confirmed relegation, the fight is well and truly gone. It's a bit sad and disappointing.
  5. I would say if the PL suddenly went sponsorless (on the kit, at least), we will see more white on the kit.
  6. That's really only a consequence from the addition, not the primary reason. I think the main concern here is that people think that the gold has taken over the white. But ever since it has been introduced, I still think most outside the club see the white as the more dominant between the two colours because more important elements of the kit are white. It's not like we're using the 14/15 away kit as our home kit all of a sudden.
  7. That 12/13 kit of Chelsea was a one-off in celebration of London 2012, even Samsung got behind it.
  8. Yeah, I am. 14/15 was the last time I believe we had the white shorts, and since then; the crest, shirt number and the King Power logo has been the largest source of white. It's very striking in comparison to the gold trimmings. Those elements do play a part in the identity of the kit. Look head on in any of our kits since 15/16, and you're going to notice the white parts long before any of the golden bits. All third party advertising of Leicester also supports the blue & white with a hint of gold set.
  9. I believe the coefficient is only relevant for the draws, not when we enter. So we can have an easier match if we somehow get to Europa. If Watford win, I believe the 6th placed team will be the one needing to start in July.
  10. I think the gold gets its unfair share of hate. It's always been a trimming to the blue and white. If you look at our past kits, we've had the odd yellow on occasion, and ever since the owners took over, it's been a constant element. I consider the touch of gold to be a sign of our new found improvement, and well, it looks good in my opinion. To the outsider, they probably think the gold comes from the fox, and from everything I've seen when it comes to promoting the Premier League, it's always been blue and white, with a touch of gold. It separates us from Chelsea and Everton, and makes us stand out a little bit. Anyone looking at our kits are going to think blue and white first It also gave us our fantastic looking trophy ribbons, (because how boring would it have been for it to be just blue and white?) I like it, it gives us a bit more of an identity, and it's always been the third colour to our blue and white.
  11. Could care less about the title race. We're doing it for us. Just want to take it to the Mancs, give them a challenge, and hopefully get ourselves a point or maybe three. We have given them trouble in the past, so let's keep at it and hope Jamie hits 20. The last two games should be about finishing on a high, and giving something for the others to think about come the off-season. If we get 7th, great! If not, at least try and make a statement. This is a chance to showcase ourselves, give reason to believe that we will carry on the good form for next season.
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