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  1. Squads confirmed this evening on the PL website, no surprises whatsoever, everyone is there including Gray, Amartey and Slimani. Only ineligible players in the PL will be Muskwe and Ndukwu
  2. Like with Puel, you have a section of support that are too bothered about the result on 90 minutes than the performance, and with a primarily young group of players that is not the most important thing in our long-term development. For instance, I'm convinced if Maddison scores the penalty against Cardiff after we'd beat Chelsea and Man City, Puel would have at least lasted until the end of 2018-19. Likewise if Vardy scores the pen at Spurs we probably get a good point and we played really well there too. It's the same with Rodgers - we weren't bad against Villa and actually I felt
  3. While I agree Rodgers needs some time and patience, we should not keep looking back to what happened last season and say he's untouchable. That logic would've got us relegated in 2016-17, and far too many of our own fans were apparently happy to watch Ranieri piss the previous 10 years of progress up the wall and straight back into the Championship.
  4. You've come up with some bizarre analogy about a person you know f*** all about. He's one of the most active players on social media regarding us, especially when he was injured he was completely immersed in the games and you saw after Man United how gutted he was we lost. I don't doubt that the guy is ambitious and wants to play at the top, but this is just silly.
  5. I've said for ages he's not a DM, it was obvious stood behind the goal at Stoke in pre-season last year he hadn't got a f***ing clue how to just sit in front of a defensive pair and mark a player. His strength is charging about in one of the no.8 roles like Kante does for Chelsea. But he's not as talented on the ball, nor can he ping the 40 yard ball that Kante can. He needs to go somewhere, play that role for someone and then come back, because that's what he did to perfection in the Chelsea and Man City games when he first broke onto the scene for us. He wasn't helped
  6. Same injury as Wilf? Shite but at least we've got Fofana. Huge opportunity for the guy.
  7. We weren't bad. Defensively solid, dealt with them very well. I understand Mendy was knackered but the Choudhury substitution was strange, and then he let the team down big time for the goal. Shame as we were clearly deserved of a point. They did a job on Tielemans and it's a shame Praet is not quite fully fit because I'd have took Tielemans off instead for Maddison. A couple of key changes influenced by a lack of fitness, it's fair to say. Difficult to then get the wingers involved when you have Praet pushed so high (was it supposed to be a 4-2-3-1?) and then Youri sat
  8. Yeah, Yfeko and Nelson are both still scholars, likewise McAteer and Godsmark-Ford. Obviously in releasing Johansson, G. Thomas, Ughelumba, Tee etc. and then loaning out Clark, Hughes, Johnson, Knight, Hirst etc. they've been left with a very thin squad. They're without Ndukwu and Muskwe, granted, but it does seem like we're seeing a few more U18s join the U23 picture, which is allowing Adam Barradell in the U18s to introduce more U16s into a higher level of football. If, as @Ric Flair and others have suggested, this next crop of U16s is a special bunch, that could work out very we
  9. U23s at Man City kicked off five mins ago, team is Stolarczyk; Daley-Campbell, Nelson, O'Connor, Yfeko; Tavares, Wright, Leshabela; Reghba, Wakeling, Shade. Jacob Wakeling is a striker who left West Brom U18s in the summer, joined Alvechurch. Not sure if he's on trial or not. Odunze, Godsmark-Ford, McAteer, Seungchitthawon, Arlott-John all on the bench.
  10. Sky and BT's revenue would be damaged by putting the games on free to air, that's the simple fact. The govt and fans trusts have told the PL they need to show every game legally in the UK, that's the sensible decision. You have to compromise somehow. I agree it's not the same experience, but that's why we're not paying anywhere near as much as you would for the 'matchday experience'. I know it's not directly related to the clubs itself but on a personal level none of us are paying for train tickets and petrol to get to the ground, nor are we spending in pubs or on the concourse.
  11. I'm not paying to travel to the game. I'm not paying stupid money for drinks before, during and after the game. I'm not paying the pro rata cost of my season ticket (the £70 retainer charge over 19 games in a season is all of £3.68 a game). So to play devil's advocate, I and many others are saving a significant amount of money this season. £14.95 is a lot of money for one game, but I've not seen the same uproar for fans of EFL clubs paying a tenner to watch their games. The clubs have to survive just as any business does. I know they're a multi-million pound business in
  12. U18s have now lost 4/4, losing 8-2 at Southampton today. The strange thing is that each of those four games, and their next three, are all away from home. Their first home game is not until 21 November. Anyone know if that is related to the new training ground?
  13. Following on from @Outfox the Fox's post, here's the final 25 man squad as expected: The squad (PL): GK 1. Schmeichel (AT) GK 2. Ward (AT) GK 3. Jakupović CB 4. Evans (AT) CB 5. Söyüncü CB 6. Morgan (AT) CB 7. Amartey FB 8. Ricardo FB 9. Castagne FB 10. Justin (AT) FB 11. Fuchs MF 12. Ndidi MF 13. Mendy MF 14. Choudhury (CT) MF 15. Tielemans MF 16. Praet MF 17. Maddison (AT) WI 18. Ünder WI 19. Barnes (CT) WI 20. Gray (AT) WI 21. Albrighton (AT) FW 22. Vardy (AT) FW 23. Ihean
  14. Rodgers clearly not happy with NI: "The [medical team] guys here are first class, analysing where the injuries and try to come up with a solution to give players the best chance of being available. Cags for all my time here, has been available, but goes away and gets injured. Jonny has hardly a pre-season and had to play nearly three games in 10 days. They’re not machines. But they are professional and dedicated to their work. The medical team are very good."
  15. The U23s are similarly light now they've loaned out Johnson and Hughes - Darragh O'Connor is the only professional at U23 level, the next best is first year scholar Ben Nelson who is only 16!
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