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  1. We will get a decent replacement. We attracted Maddison and Soyuncu as Mahrez/Maguire replacements with Puel. Silva and Iborra were captains at big European clubs to come in to replace Drinkwater under Shakespeare. We are a significantly more attractive proposition now.
  2. If Rudkin gets two world record fees for Maguire and Chilwell then his knighthood will be in the post. Arise Sir John Rudkin, for services to taking the piss.
  3. The club took in £16m in matchday revenue in 16-17 and £15m last season - I think they'll miss out on about £20m at most here without fans. Add in payments of roughly £20m towards the rebate (some delayed until next summer); donations to the NHS and WSL/EFL/NL and COVID secure costs, I think the pandemic has probably hit the club to the tune of £50m or so. They will get at least £10m from the Europa League, though, and only spent about £12m net last summer (would've been the usual £30-40m if they'd got Tarkowski). So I think they are only about £10m short of a typical summer, maybe a net spend of about £25m-£30m given there won't be too many big contracts given out this summer unlike 2016 or 2018. If you get £60m for Chilwell and £10m for one or two others, they've probably got about £100m for five players - CB, LB, AM, RW, CF. If £60m goes on a winger and centre forward they will need at least one free transfer to afford to spend £20m in the other two positions. All in all I think selling Chilwell will be essential to us buying decent quality players.
  4. jeffschlupp


    Any CB we bring in starts the season with Söyüncü, Justin and likely Thomas for the opening three league games. For that reason (and the fact Evans won't play every game even when back), I think the club will be looking for a slightly more experienced option than someone like Fofana. Doesn't fill me with much confidence, but neither did Tielemans when we had him on loan. A loan with option at £20m would be a decent deal.
  5. Barnes is not a no.8, and we don't play with a no.10, so where exactly in the centre do you want Barnes to play? We do not need a left sided wide player. The left is Albrighton's best position and Barnes needs a run of games there at the start of next season. We need a right winger with power and goalscoring capabilities, not a left sided £80m copy of Maddison who can't pull his socks above his ankles.
  6. As I said, the rules changed a couple of seasons ago, in fact I believe at the start of last season when they made the Europa League winners a guaranteed Pot 1 entrant for the following season. The CL and EL winners are now considered separate to the league access route so the maximum of 7 no longer exists. That also means that theoretically in future England can have 9 European entrants should two teams who finish 8th or lower win both European competitions in the same season.
  7. Don't disagree re: Vardy but GK competition is a myth. No top club has 'competing' goalkeepers - Adrian, Bravo, Gazzaniga, Caballero, Romero etc. You can only pick one and he plays 38 times a season apart from injury, you can't rotate and drop keepers like strikers, it causes disaster for your defence. The club have backed Iversen to be Schmeichel's long term successor.
  8. Actually you're incorrect, this changed when they made the EL winners separate to the league route a couple of seasons ago. The Europa League clubs for England are now set in stone. Wolves winning the CL would mean 8 teams in Europe. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/english-premier-league/story/4132510/after-man-city-win-appealwho-qualifies-for-europe-from-premier-league
  9. 'Actual wingers' don't really exist in practice at many of the top clubs, it is mostly inside forwards in 4-3-3 systems, where the inside forwards are system players and good finishers. Look at Sterling, Salah, Mane, Son - those guys have been moulded into deadly finishers as opposed to players that can beat a man. Sometimes a more 'creative' winger like Mahrez, Traore or Albrighton (less so) can be useful, but generally speaking it's about having inside forwards and getting the creativity from full-back. For me that's one of the biggest reasons why I want to see Chilwell go. For me our most comprehensive performance of the season aside from Southampton was Villa at home prior to the lockdown, and that was because Justin perfected the attacking positioning from the left to allow Barnes the space in the channel inside. Chilwell drives inside too often which leaves him and Barnes in the same areas which is completely useless. Perez and Barnes are both decent inside forward players, but both have weaknesses - Barnes can't finish and Perez doesn't get into scoring positions often enough. Both will improve over time with more experience in Rodgers' system, IMO. They will keep Albrighton around as a different option, a creator with the long and direct ball/cross. I don't think Rodgers believes Gray has what it takes to play that position, hence why when he comes on he plays in a deeper role and looks to drive through with the ball similar to how Ricardo would play but slightly further up the field - for that reason I think Demarai will be out the door this summer. Brooks is a good enough goalscorer from what I've seen to be a right sided Barnes. He wouldn't be my first choice but he is a typical City signing of the last few years and I think he'd do alright for us.
  10. @Bonanza there's an article from Ghana from today saying Kamal Sowah is back at Leicester after two years at OHL, but I thought he was still with you and was going to stay for another season? Here's the article: https://kickgh.com/more/ghanaians-abroad/10270-exclusive-ghanaian-sensation-kamal-sowah-returns-to-leicester-city#
  11. As far as I know they brought in Jack Lyons who was a Celtic blogger who Rodgers decided to take on as an opposition analyst/scout, he has come with him to Leicester, but I don't believe he has a role in recruitment as such.
  12. Given the leaked target list from Celtic at the start of 2019 where Justin was their top RB target, I would suggest Justin was at worst someone Congerton also liked, which is a tick next to his name at least. We can be pretty confident the club wanted Merih Demiral, who looks a great player and is the sort of signing we'd all be pretty happy with. I think the club did the sensible thing once they realised they couldn't get their first target, and decided to hold their cash until the summer when they'd have a better pick - hence the loan bids for Vestergaard and Bennett. Of course nobody predicted Chilwell, Ricardo and Fuchs would get injured, forcing us to a back three, nor Cags going street fighter on Wilson. But the idea was that Bennett wouldn't play just as Benkovic hadn't in the first half of the season. We saw the club take a similar sensible decision in 2017 - they couldn't get Acerbi so they took Wague on loan, who wasn't required anyway apart from that fun afternoon at Millwall. They waited until the summer when the market was easier and more players were available, and struck early to get Maguire who was a real success. I've got no worries about Congerton. Rodgers is less Brent than he used to be and he's not about to throw away what could be his one and only chance to get back to a big six job by appointing a complete headcase as his main recruitment guy. And Rudkin would not have that either. Rodgers has known the guy for 15+ years and he has worked at some appallingly run clubs, including Sunderland who have been horrendously organised for the last 10 years or more. As I've said before, Congerton also could have insisted he brought his guys from Celtic who worked with him at Sunderland like Mick Doherty and Laban Scott Libby. Instead, the club kept hold of its trusted scouts and promoted Callum Smithson to Waldron's position. They promoted in-house again with the appointment of a first team video scout. Having said all that, I think we're all extremely interested to see what direction the club take recruitment this summer. How much money they have to spend, what sort of character they go for etc. We'll see.
  13. He took Ollie Waldron with him who had been here a long time as head of technical scouting, I wonder if there is a role for him back at Leicester if he is also out the door with Macia. In general I think heads of recruitment tend to be an overrated appointment - by and large our recruitment has been pretty consistently good under Walsh and Macia, while Congerton has made a decent start. Some clubs are just poorly run in general and it's difficult for heads of recruitment/sporting directors to change that - and in other clubs there is too much involvement from the manager, which we learned from when Ranieri had too much control in 2016. For all the stick he took for that summer, it never was Rudkin's fault and the bloke is one of the most important reasons why we have been so successful in the last five years. There is a reason he is Top's right hand man and that's because he knows what it takes to run a club properly. So when we appoint a recruitment chief, things largely stay the same because Rudkin and co know the value of their current scouting setup and will make sensible judgements on the type of player we bring in. As for Macia himself, his 'track record' appears pretty rubbish if you take us off his CV. Bordeaux fans thought his signings were awful. Or, more likely, the signings Bordeaux made would have been crap no matter who was in charge, because their manager is Paulo Sousa and in that case the club is probably run by lunatics...
  14. jeffschlupp


    Praet played in a deeper role in a diamond for Sampdoria in his last couple of games there but he was always going to come here as cover for Tielemans as a no.8. The club can and probably will subsidise James' wages for the final year of his contract, or even waive any transfer fee - if he doesn't get a move then I don't believe he would stay in the 25 man squad anyway, and would be sidelined like King under Puel.
  15. jeffschlupp


    I'm fairly convinced no one actually watches us play. When in 4-3-3 (which we played all season until half the defence got injured), we play one holding player and two 8s. Ndidi and Mendy are the only two actual holding players at the club, because Choudhury is shit at it. Praet, Choudhury, Tielemans and Maddison are our four options at no.8, and we will likely bring in another attacking option there this summer. That would be 7 players for three positions, which is typical Rodgers given he said last summer in pre-season he likes to have extra midfield bodies in the 25 man squad. James is not a holding player and will almost surely be leaving for football this summer.
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