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  1. Hi all-lifelong Shaker (55) here. Pretty desperate times at Gigg Lane with our previous owner vastly over-spending and our new one proving difficult to say the least. Suffice to say we have a winding up order deferred to the 19th June and hopefully will go into administration to save the club. I went to Filbert Street 24/01/76 and saw a narrow one nil victory for yourselves FA Cup 4th round, and have seen at least 1 League Cup games at Gigg since then. Clearly we won't play you in the league for some time if at all, but If you can assist though people, fivers, tenners, not asking the earth it would be greatly appreciated. . https://www.gofundme.com/save-bury-football-club?teamInvite=NqSw3BDiheErDkd97ioJbpFuDVxXkXak6HjWk32P5pPuM2TzAjrzfTF4bLCUjMK0 Thanks in advance for any help.
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