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  1. Thanks urban.spaceman, really appreciate your kind words!
  2. I interviewed Luton Town first team coach (and former Leicester U16 coach) Iñigo Idiakez about James Justin for FoxesHub.com yesterday. Feel free to click on the article below and see which qualities Justin will bring, both on and off the pitch. Idiakez thinks the 21-year-old will go a long way! https://foxeshub.com/luton-coach-tips-james-justin-for-england-place/
  3. Hi all, I am currently writing a book about Leicester City's endeavours in the transfer market throughout the 21st century. I've already done an awful lot of research but there's bound to be a few interesting things I've missed. Can anybody remember any interesting transfer stories? I'm thinking of things that stood out for a particular reason. Maybe a transfer had an interesting back story or was a bit left-field and came out of nowhere. Maybe there was a trialist you remember seeing in a friendly or ressies game and never heard of again. Even any scouts or agents you recall having particular links with the club. Would love to hear everybody's thoughts and memories!
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