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  1. 'Like sex, plate tectonics depends on rigidity.' Steamy stuff huh? And the clue being very much in the very raunchy title, the book explores the many varied historical theories and arguments around plate tectonics. Geophysists / geologists, it seems, are never in agreement. And Livermore takes great delight in mocking US geologists with this regard. Many in the US were 'fixists'. The irony being that it was the development of American 'cold-war' technology that finally validated the 'mobilist' argument. I did find the subject matter very interesting. However for what was supposed to be a non-technical book, the reader will be presented with a vast array of geological terminology. To the uninitiated, the lengthy descriptions of the chemical composition of various rock types, along with the presentation of argument & counter-argument, will at times seem a little tedious and somewhat superfluous to the geological concepts being presented. These issues aside, an educational and insightful read outlining the current thinking with regards the inner workings of our planet and the impact this motion has upon the environment we inhabit.
  2. Purpleronnie really ...... vivid recollections of first seeing Debbie on TOTP as a school boy. Experiencing for the first time the stirrings of something that was a little incomprehensible ..... ........ I need to take a cold shower now!
  3. I hope you enjoy. In the past I've been put off by the reputation it had of being a little unfathomable. I certainly struggled with some parts, the section on particle physics for example. I plan to do further reading with regards this subject. And as @Swan Lesta stated, we all learn differently. If there are any areas you do struggle with, the internet is a great learning resource. There's plenty of further discussion online, including talks & video presentations, that will help clarify any areas you find a little incomprehensible.
  4. while it lasts enjoy ... Happy Mondays ...... till late
  5. RIP Florian PS For those interested OMD gig Saturday night on YouTube. I hope to see some of you there .....
  6. New purchase on vinyl and finally got around to this. I figured now was as good a time as any; slow music for these slow-living (lockdown) days. This is one of Loren Connors first albums, when he was recording under the name Guitar Roberts. Best described as blues. Its pretty sparse, minimalist even. And I'm liking it ..... like all his music it demands attention.
  7. ........ a complete contrast. But I'd been wanting to read it for an age and I've got, at the mo, plenty of time on my hands. It is long & wordy though, and also very sticky in places. At times it seems like a chore but it is very rewarding. Arendt examines the intellectual, political & economic trends across Europe in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. She's definitely no libtard snowflake. Well researched & detailed, of its time, sometimes some of her arguments are a little challenging.
  8. Now there was The Beano & Victor as a kid. And I was a massive Viz fan as an adolescent. This though is only the third ever graphic novel I've read and I have to say it is the best so far. Weirdly you read as a Japanese book, in that you start from the back and read it right to left! It's Manga and based on a classic Japanese existentialist novel of the same name by author Osamu Dazai. Some of the drawing / graphics in this adaptation are first rate. (Warning: Does contain themes of adult content, including graphic violence, nudity and scenes of a sexual nature :-)
  9. I'd like to pull her strings! Classy bird and still a looker despite her age.
  10. So talented it makes me feel sick and the ladies ..... well they just lurve him.
  11. Loved all da' Dirty Harry soundtracks. Bullitt was also a favourite of mine. The music from films of the 70's influenced massively what i started listening to as I got older. I remember this one as a stand-out. If bass lines could pull on a pair of pants and strut down the street, everyone would just get the feck' outta' the way ..... Great film too.
  12. Reminds me a lot of Koop. Active in the early noughties, I could have selected a number of their tracks that featured this vocalist. Slightly speeded up, this one appears simply for the video. Saw them live back in the day and the mate I was with, who was not an acid jazz or nu-jazz fan, was entranced as soon as she walked on stage. For those mildly obsessive types partial to a little low level cyber-stalking, her name is Yukimi Nagano and she is part of a swedish electropop outfit called Little Dragon. @Wolfox Frack C Vinyl & CD available on Amazon.
  13. I had the below track on an OK compilation of new wave, post punk & industrial underground music that was supposed to be showcasing the use of early synths? Bought 'un peu de l'ame des bandits' by aksak maboul, upon which the track originally featured, towards the end of last year. Really nice vinyl release with an excellent CD included, a download & a well presented booklet. The music: crazy european shite that shouldn't work but somehow manages to hang together .... and does ..... sort of work ....... in a way ....... .... the definition of leftfield maybe?
  14. Certainly sent me on that trajectory .... jazz, funk, soul .... and this was before the days of youtube & downloads. You had to stand and flip racks through racks of CDs or vinyl, new or old, to find stuff. And you know I might have been to see JTQ at Hammersmith Apollo .... I can't quite remember .... I did live just down the road from there for awhile and took in a few gigs .... the bit about the audience anticipation waiting for Theme from Starsky & Hutch certainly rings some bells ... I'm guessing if i did i was just too pissed to remember ....
  15. For the leftfield, clever career type, I'm gonna' nominate Isabel Oakeshott. Educated at one of the premier public schools, she's a 40+ journo who has had stints as the Political Editor of The Sunday Times and as political-editor-at-large at the Daily Mail. And as the female voice of the Tory right and arch-Brexiteer (in fact the current beau is the Chairman of the Brexit party!). I have got absolutely feck' all in common with her, we are literally poles apart. Therefore the sex is going to have be electric to give this relationship any kind of longevity. But it is something I would give serious consideration to, if not just to help heal this divided nation.
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