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  1. New (old) vinyl for 2020. Bought Dazzle Ships cos' I read somewhere it flopped massively after the hugely successful Architecture & Morality. The British music buying public viewed it apparently as being far too experimental. tbh I hated it at first as it wasn't, imo, experimental enough. But now I'm lovin' it. Love the mix of of quirky leftfield electronica & library sounds and the 80's new romantic pop ballads.
  2. And it has to be said there are many:- "I grew up in a company town And I worked real hard 'til that company closed down They gave my job to another man On half my wages in some foreign land And when I asked how could this be Any good for our economy? I was told nobody cares So long as they make money when they sell their shares. Can you hear us? Are you listening? No power without accountability! I lost my job, my car and my house When ten thousand miles away some guy clicked on a mouse He didn't know me, we never spoke, He didn't ask my opinion or canvass for my vote. I guess it's true, nobody cares 'Til those petrol bombs come spinning through the air. Gotta find a way to hold them to account Before they find a way to snuff our voices out."
  3. geopolitics - China, Iran, Russia and ... of course .... Trumpington. Interesting read..... .
  4. I think we're all in a similar situation with regards British Jazz. American and Latin tends to dominate people's attention. That said there's some fantastic stuff to discover in the 60's and it is distinctly different to the American variant. And yes I recognise portico quartet. I don't own any of their material, but i have seen them live. Same can be said for Led Bib. I do have some Gogo Penguin albums as well material from Shabaka Hutchings. And I was massively into this lot, in all their variants, a few years ago.
  5. I like Mary Lou - very uplifting stuff. I did stop and think before posting some Sonny S. For the uninitiated without a doubt challenging. There wasn't a lot online though. And hopefully now you've discovered the delights of Bialero & Blind Willy. I hope you enjoy. My record collection is a testament to the fact that Intoxica, Honest Jon's & Rough Trade were all within walking distance of an office I worked at for a number of years. Not necessarily a good thing. The pitfall of popping into a very good record shop that specialises in second-hand vinyl on a regular basis is the inherent problem you'll see something you want. The risk that it will not be there when you go back compells you to purchase. Subsequently my lunchtimes could get very costly. And below a gent I spent a lot of money on at the time. I was buying everything by him on the Atlantic label. Mugged me off in Intoxica, they had my number for sure. Eddie Harris records from the mid to late 60's just kept turning up! We were talking vocals right .....
  6. That's really interesting. Not so much the female vocal but the fact that he's a jazz violinist! I'm gonna" have to check this fella' out. And with regards female jazz singers. I gotta' mention Linda Sharrock. She did harmonies, but she also did other stuff. I've got this album on vinyl. Takes pride of place in my collection. Bought it years ago from Intoxica on Portobello Road. The place was a veritable treasure trove of rare, obscure & collectable second-hand vinyl. Its sadly gone now, a victim of tourist footfall and rising rents. Tragic, as it was the sort of shop the tourists went there for in the first place. You can probably buy an expensive latte in there now and just fookin' people watch all day! Cue Linda ......
  7. I never got round to giving the second volume a listen. Was aware of its release but I was sidetracked by other stuff musically. It really is worth while digging around in and amongst the British jazz archives. There really is some very cool stuff to be found. And without resorting to cliches, it is very hard to pinpoint and define what it it is that makes some British jazz so exceptionally good. There's also the weird and wonderful. Shall we just say this is British eccentricity, on vinyl, at its very best.
  8. Many years ago I was really into a CD entitled 'impressed with gilles peterson'. It's not really 'with gilles peterson', more he'd curated what was a compilation of 60's British jazz. At the time I thought is was ace. There was however one track, called 'Jaipur', which really stood out. I got hold of some other material from the two main protagonists of this tune, but never managed to find the source of Jaipur. Until recently that is, when I somewhat haphazardly discovered that in 2015 an album called 'Hum Dono' by the Joe Harriott / Amancio D'Silva Quartet had been reissued. The vocalist is Norma Winstone .... .......Nice!
  9. The latest addition to the vinyl collection. French duo Deux only released a cassette (remember them?) and some rare singles back in the 80's. A couple of labels are now digging out and releasing this more obscure DIY coldwave and early synth europop. I've come across some real gems. And this Minimal Wave release is one I've been after for awhile now. The opening track is a proper 80's pop / new wave stomper - I love it!
  10. I saw this mob last night. I was a little bit disappointed with the second album. While good, I think they were trying a little too hard to be on point. Mr. Williams, he of the Sleaford Mods, shouty man though he is, may have a bit of a point. But I don't want to get involved with those silly discussions. I listened though to their debut album for the first time in an age prior to the gig. Forgot how rollicking A class, top notch it was. And I reminisce happily of my home town when I hear the below track. Do you feel that existentialist angst & anger begin to well too?
  11. Good musical taste - I dunno' - its just noise! But this is rockin' my world at the moment. Its a album of Industrial / Electro shenanigans from a fella' under the moniker of Alberich.
  12. I like it! To be honest on first listen I heard The Hives. Or more correctly The Hives I thought sounded more like the The Saints - obviously. I think its the vocals / vocalist.
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