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  1. Always been intrigued by this fella'. (Not least cos' he reminds me of me nan!) It wasn't what i was expecting though, but an interesting read nethertheless. And he seems like a nice fella'. Glad to hear he's kicked the opiates and is enjoying life. Might actually read some of his poetry now as well!
  2. tense evening ..... now to unwind with beer & tunes....
  3. I love this - so many catchy tunes. And not that it should make a difference .... but on clear vinyl too .... A lovely reissue.
  4. AI & Big Data and the future of humanity ..... The Singularity meh! At last some erudite commonsense imo ......
  5. Cool as psychedelic new-age headfunk.
  6. Blew the dust off this one today. Sentimentality .... i am prone to it now and again.
  7. Dug Malibu out the back of the record collection today ......
  8. Wierd .... as i took a punt on this .... i didn't think it'd work. But it takes me somewhere nice & sane. Excellent!
  9. The latest translation to be published here in the UK, and its one of Alexievich's earlier polyphonic works. As ever, a man-sized box of tissues may be required.
  10. Sorry I have to disagree. Whilst Its true Ranieri didn't deliver silverware at Chelsea. You have to remember what Chelsea were before Abramovitch came along. They had a record very much like ours in the 80's, yo-yoing between the 1st & 2nd. It was all Ken Bates, electric fences, and a rep as a horrible club with a horrible fanbase. Admittedly in the 90's there was a classy dutchman and a splattering of Italian footballing pedigree. Plus a few cup wins. But Chelsea before the russian revolution were a mid-table prem club and to write Claudio off for only just 'scrapping' in to the CL is to
  11. Tunes playing, snookers on (Selby is winning). Sun shining. Working from home. All good.
  12. I got into The Sound after discovering the album 'World of Rubber' by Second Layer. An Adrian Borland side-project - I loved it so just brought more of his stuff. Am hoping that there will be reissues of The Sound LP's on vinyl available soon.
  13. Disinfected the hands both before & after flipping through the racks of a second-hand record shop recently. During the process found this little gem ... live double album, first rate, really tight set - lovin' it. The bloke in the shop reckons a lot of their stuff gonna' be reissued again soon. The complete album on YouTube.
  14. Massively disappointed and tonight could be painful. Even with a Man C ban, on this form Wolves will be chasing us down. But massive positives to take away from this season. We've got a young and exciting squad .... let's hope we can keep them together, we can learn from this. We've been missing key players in Maddison & Ricky recently. Wilf was out before the break as well. Excuse maybe? Or perhaps we've just been found out. A top four team but not a top four squad. And next season we need to address this. We upgrade a few, add strength indepth and add
  15. Watched to the end ..... while self-harming. A game that kinda encapsulates our season really. Classy, stylish 'n slick for much .... followed by shambolic meltdown and complete calamity. Young squad .... let's hope we can keep them together, we can learn from this. And next season, we upgrade a few and add some much needed nous & guile.
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