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  1. Why should the sea (or the land) belong to anyone? Do the worms and bacteria and fish and .... not have the right to own themselves?
  2. Marc had the best game today. Fuchs number 2. Fitzhugh had a nice 10 min cameo.
  3. You guys attacking Iheanacho is tiring. Give it a rest.
  4. Daley Campbell looked great going forward. Thomas playing well too.
  5. LCFC stream was great for me. Hope so. He has wonderful skills but is far too slow. It's the second pre-season game. Who cares? Not sure what you're hoping for from this game, especially with that line up.
  6. He didn't have a ball fed to him in the first half game. I hope that you are just joking. I don't understand why he is still with the team. Should have been sold off to a Div1/2 team.
  7. Watching the Women's WC, I'm a bit worried that we are going to get a lot more penalties in games as well as a lot more sendings off for defenders. Really hope that we spend time practicing penalties and don't just rely on Jamie Vardy to score them all. I can see Vardy being winning the golden boot this season - playing from the beginning, looking fit, better service, more penalties.
  8. Who is Daley Campbell? Second half could be better: Also in today's #lcfc squad: Johansson, Justin, Söyüncü, Evans, Fuchs, Mendy, Tielemans, Ricardo, Albrighton, Ndukwu, Vardy, Pennant, Fitzhugh.
  9. I thought he looked slow and made a lot of errors but it is only a first pre-season game.
  10. Thanks. Leicester really need to start moving some players then. Perhaps bargain prices.
  11. Thanks interesting. Do you know how many senior players we have to fit into the 25 spots - at the moment?
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