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  1. There was a column about the development of the new stadium in every match day programme of the final season at Filbert Street and various events and memorabilia related to this - see pics.
  2. Some fantastic replies to this! Thanks a lot for that. I think there was some activism around the boardroom battle and the 'Gang of 4' just prior to the stadium relocation but I haven't found much evidence of opposition to the move itself. The proposed name of the stadium cause some consternation and fan activism successfully challenged this, thankfully! I think the new ground being located so close to the old one, and within the city centre was important - especially (as others pointed out above) when you look at those out-of-town stadium builds.
  3. I'm doing some research about changing fan experiences since the 1990s and fan activism. This includes a case study of the move from Filbert Street to the Walkers Stadium. What do people remember about the move at the time? Was there much fan actvisim for or against the move? Do you feel differently about the move now, compared to when it was first being discussed? Do you think the fan experience is better now at the King Power Stadium than it was at Filbert Street? Interested in what peoples memories of this are and thoughts now?? Thanks.
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