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  1. The Barnet formula favours the regions if more is spent in England then the regions have to be given more as well, so it isn't just a case of how much it is to get level with Scotland but having to give them the same proportion of that extra spend to reach parity. The East Midlands gets about £2000 per head of population spent on it less than Wales, Scotland and NI.
  2. are you trying to transfer files to if or from it? is the owner of the file a different user than the one trying transfer it? https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/take-ownership-folder-windows-10-using-file-explorer
  3. Is social media overstepping the mark. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8973631/amp/Two-Oxford-academics-accuse-Facebook-censorship-article-warning.html
  4. What has labour done? That caused us to elect thatcher 3 times 1979 43 seat majority 1983 144 seat majority 1989 102 seat majority John Majors marority in 1992 was 21 Thatcher is seen by many as Britains most hated prime minister but the results dont echoe this. The fall of labour in 1979 lead to 18 years of conservatism the defeat of Brown in 2010 means we have potentially 15 years of conservatism this time and the are many labour luddites that dont think that new labour was labour at all even though it was their most successful spell at winning and holding on
  5. At 13p a minute they need you to call so they go for low hanging fruit. United linked to any one = revenue.
  6. Only facts in this case, not that voter fraud doesn't happen any where in the world.
  7. Got like the 10000 plus voters who know that neither candidate is great.
  8. It looks like it could all come down to Nevada, Bidden is only 8000 in front with 25% of the votes still to be counted looking at fox news
  9. I think you are making a very fair point.
  10. Its a bit different to the UK's election where you sort of got an inkling that the Tories were doing better than they were portrayed on the television coverage. I don't know which way it will swing but if you look on the basis that many businesses are boarding up ready for trouble and the fact that are the civil unrest in recent weeks/ months has predominantly come from the left.
  11. of course you are giving them a choice. Do you fell lucky well do you punk? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Are+you+felling lucky+punk+well+are+you%3f&docid=608043438143571487&mid=65E9EC7C4DEA7E0DF2D165E9EC7C4DEA7E0DF2D1&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  12. I cant remember being able to walk into the bank wearing a mask without the police being calling before the pandemic.
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