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  1. Its a bit like my first visit to Disney about 15yrs ago it was amazing how many people watched the fireworks through the view finder od their camcorders. Why?
  2. Add vapers onto the same category as smokers.
  3. Are these two stories connected?
  4. I think Southgate would give Nick Pope a try up front before putting Vardy on
  5. Do you think he may be Major Hewitt's Son?
  6. Should Jamie Vardy now that Kane is injured reconsider his retirement from International football and make himself available to England? I don't think he should he wasn't treated (as most of our players aren't) with the respect he deserved they get the call up just to sit on the bench and not get the opportunity that their talents warrant with lesser player from other clubs getting the nod before him such as Marcus Rashford, Jessie Lingard and Danny Wellbeck at the 2018 world cup I can accept Kane who score 10 more league goals 2017/18 than Vardy but the other 3?
  7. Can he really step down from being Prince and 6th inline. Or is it that they would like to do their own thing which is fine, but no royal duties = no cash from the state for anything that includes security. But what ever success he does or doesn't have the world will see him as HRH Will Carlings son. Apparently he inherited about £27million and she was worth a couple of million too, so don't expect to see them signing on down at Windsor social security office any time soon. TBH he had a pretty shit job the only chance of promotion is to hope that most of your family die so he is a bit of an irrelevance in reality, shame as he was doing some good stuff with the Invictus games, carry on Di's anti land mine stuff etc. but surely better to do this sort of stuff with a royal title and the support from the British government that must come with it.
  8. I would like referendum on English independence.
  9. Putin could have argued just one month ago that the one democratic nation in europe held free and fare votes then ignored them so why does he need to bother. Havent they developed a new super intercontinental missile https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://globalnews.ca/news/6341692/russia-supersonic-weapon-operational/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwjg6prMqe3mAhUVRxUIHXWhBSMQFjAQegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw10cDJEGTi8C96v63yRFHzm&ampcf=1
  10. HesNotGudjonsonn2 does yours turn your wrist green like mine?
  11. I think your wrong not on tge fact that they wont run back to labour in the fact that they will stop voting. They will pluml for the best of the bunch. The loyalty is what labour have lost i will be voting next time for the one i consider to be tge best at the time. I think Corbyns labour have broken the blind voting for red or blue. Perhaps he has done the nation a favour and we will get away of oeople voting on ghe basis that that is hiw they have always voted.
  12. But the impeachment is going to do as well of getting rid of Trump as Corbyn did agreeing to an election to get rid of Boris. That is if you watch any of the right wing commentators in the USA rather than watch mainstream media perhaps they have a left leaning press there as well. The same press that wrote him off in the election.
  13. And to think we could have had a prime minister that would have sided with the terrorist state.
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