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  1. The civil service and the nhs have a history of bad technology purchases https://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/sep/18/nhs-records-system-10bn
  2. WTO will only ever be a stepping stone to an acceptable trade deal it is not the end goal, a trade deal is.
  3. How many customers or patrons are there in a barrel.
  4. if someone drinks two pints at the pub does the land lord count that as two pints that have been drunk or one?
  5. Could UEFA not extend the European season for all nations in Europe to fall in line with the Qatar world cup in 2022 after all we have a sport that isn't suited to frozen pitches etc so why play when the weather is bad.
  6. And as someone who couldn't vote for him and Dianne Abbott and their 70's brand of policies I think Keir has some work to do and I don't see him having made money and been successful outside of parliament as a bad thing. He has to pick his battles wisely, granted the handling of this crisis has been a sh1t show but and this is the thing when I talk to colleagues they aren't convinced that Labour would have faired any better, with the two clowns in charge.
  7. Better than Matt le Tissier not one of ours but an excellent player
  8. Surely the first two weeks after moving in would be better.
  9. It was the number 1 subject. And as far as other policies we wont know this virus has changed a lot, but you have to agreed the financial aid given during this crisis is closer to what you would have expected from labour than tory.
  10. Check indevice manager to see if the devices are being recognised i take the hard drive already had been formatted and was used on a windows pc. The id also a setting that leys the web cam be used by apps check it is set in webcam privacy settings we had an issue where i work that left this turned off after an update.
  11. They would say they were defending democracy. Some are protesting the validity of the virus some are protesting the removal of freedom. We all know smoking and second hand smoking kills but I am free to carry out this activity if i choose. We all know the virus kills because of contact with others. Aids was a killer spread by sex sex wasnt banned. This virus is real and will kill and will continue to do so until we have a vaccine or heard immunity. So please dont be like these pillocks and put your self in unnecessary danger but please respect that they have right to do so.
  12. I had a discussion at work on Friday with a colleague who also had to attend the office because not all IT issues ca be solved remotely. That we are better off working from home and that some who are furloughed are probably better off too, when you take into account the cost of working i.e travel, tea/coffee and lunch.
  13. Was the last election really just won on Boris's popularity or the Issue that still many cant accept Brexit. If labour want to win the next election then they may well need to let the fact that we are ondependant of Europe continue if they want to better fund things like education of health care they may have to choose their battles.
  14. Isnt thatt the more traditional ideal i would go further and say children should be looked after at home until they are infant school age not sent to nurseries. Feminism / Womens lib has a lot to answer for it has lead to a place where working class women can no longer decide to have a job for a little bit of pin money but have to work to survive. Wages of women havent risen to that of mens, Mens has fallen to that of womens. Womens pension age has risen to that of mens neither sex got the percieved benefits the other had it was as so many things in our society are a race to the bottom.
  15. I have a long beard but that is about as far as my resemblance to Jesus goes
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