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  1. I think if you view it as a whole along with the leftist cancel culture that exists in the states, shutting down any one you don't agree with, then people could well add two and two together and get four, the corruption in the NRA would still be there after the election, why not choose a time post election to bring charges, its almost like they want Trump to get re-elected the left as they were here are hell bent on turning the main stream public against them.
  2. Could you imagine taking that home to meet your mum.
  3. I think that fundamentally perhaps Trump has a point many of the states that are run by the democratic party which is where most of the rioting is taking place are not threatening to arrest peace protestors which is a constitutional right, but have the audacity to practice religion which is also a constitutional right and you can be arrested. It seems that both the attack on religion and gun ownership via the attack on the NRA could be seen as politically motivated by the democratic party, as both groups of people tend to be pro Republican. Its a good job our politics has quite reached this low level but it will.
  4. She was Manger of the bakery and therefore responsible for enforcing company policy. She is ultimately responsible in that store for health and safety. I dont enjoy wearing a mask at work to nip from my desk to the tiolet or any where else on site but it is company policy that i must do and we had to wear them to the on site restaurant even though other tenants employees didnt before the change in the law about face masks in shops.
  5. its got to need more than a tin of t-cut
  6. pretty much agree it is not up to an employee to decide which policies to follow and which to ignore or break.
  7. I think they should judge him from the performance he gave in junior school on the recorder playing frere jacquese.
  8. https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2020/08/frasers-group-picks-leicester-for-site-of-multi-brand-concept-store/
  9. Could the source of the data be different one prior to autopsy one after? Old age used to be a massive killer right across the world but now we want to know the reason not just they were 90 it was going to happen one day. Could it be the removal of those that have died not from covid although they have or have had covid in the past.
  10. I dont mind what religion you are its the hippocrites that want a nice back drop for the wedding photos that annoy me.
  11. Cheap wallets are available from Pound Land if that helps.
  12. 5 weeks of rioting I believe. protecting Federal buildings from the extreme left carried out by a right wing National government while the local government run by the left stands by and watches. It depends what feeds news you read. As we have seen you cant rely on the media for the truth I would say any more but it may well have always been the case. it comes down to view point Banksy painting on a wall = art, local lad from the council estate = vandalism. A cynic might say would it have been allowed to carry on and escalate to this level if this had not been an election year.
  13. Don't all police forces use unmarked vehicles the thing about marked vehicles is people up to no good run away from them. strange that you use an example of a SOCIALIST/ COMMUNIST POLICE FORCE and say the tactics are being used by the right. the left don't want a wall to keep people out of the USA yet the extreme left as history has shown needs walls to keep people in.
  14. Every one moaned about Puma, now it Adidas. Think we should ditch the brand name and make our own.
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