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  1. Why still debate about it? Look at the video I linked in my previous post and hear him pronounce it himself
  2. No in Dutch the "e" after the "a" just means you have to double the "a", so it's Praat, with the "aa" sounding like the doctor wants to have a look in your troat and you have to say "aa". That's the best I can come up with I have been looking for an English word with that sound in, but I think in most English words the "a" doesn't sound like a dutch "a" Anyway good signing, he's a quality player. Not as good as Tielemans, but still great. Hope Belgian TV will broadcast more LCFC games now, because i'll be watching Edit: why even try to explain? Here he pronounces his own name at the start, the last few minutes show his skills at age 17 and he only got better, but played at a different position in Italy, making him even more versatile...
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