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  1. Don’t think I’ve posted since before lockdown... you know before we were shit. so I’m here to bring luck and prosperity ( I’ve had a bet ) . So expect a goal from Perez, Vardy and victory and a booking for Justin... come on you blue boys!!!!
  2. Seriously hoping you mean our Alan and not that your grandad is a tree hugger 😉
  3. The issues I have with Man City have been long standing and have been the point of discussion/debate/downright arguments, with a lifelong Man City fan, someone who really has been there during their darkest years. People forget how and who supported FFP, which clubs were the first to call for it etc. Man City were absolutely for it, not only in support of it but planned for it. When people talk about when it was that the tide turned for them, the signing of Robinho was seen as the ‘game changer’. It was, but not in the sense they could finally sign top world class play
  4. I know scousers can be a bit dim but ambulances take you to hospital.... An ambulance from Everton to Leicester, I’d take a slap or two for that just for the saving on transport. 👊🏻
  5. Don’t know if it’s been noted elsewhere but this weekend will deliver more clarity regarding VAR. All delayed decisions that may be overturned will now be shown on all large screens where available. First the reason will appear, and if the decision is overturned, the replay will be shown. The replay should be shown regardless of the decision being overturned or not but I suspect this is to protect the officials. Anyway, it gives that little bit of hope that things are heading in the right direction... Or at least the sort of direction we were expecting.
  6. Talk about p1ssing on ones chips... 🤪😅
  7. 25 points out of 27 2nd in the league separating the two most dominant teams the league has ever seen. Best defence in the league. Top goal scorer( by a distance). Equates to ‘carrying players months on end’ You sir, are an ostrich...,
  8. Another way of looking at things... Ronaldo first season at United. 29 games 4 goals. second season. 33 games 5 goals. Next TWO seasons 33 games. 9 goals in each. the season after that, 34 games 17 goals... Then... 34 games. 31 goals.... Drogba took 3 seasons before he got twenty. 10 12 12 and only in 34 games did he hit 20. He was 26 when he joined Chelsea.. Point is, players NEED time. Even the best.
  9. Mahrez may well of impressed you first time you saw him but go back and look at his form and figures from his first 16 games with us. And as you correctly point out, that was in the championship( a far lower standard and a way, way easier league to make your mark as a player) Then go look at Harvey’s first 16 in the championship. Vardy was wrote off by a lot of people playing at a lower standard. But with time, guidance and confidence building, we have the current prem top scorer. 2 seasons ago, how many people saying chillwell wasn’t good enough? Simple fact
  10. It took Vardy over 18 months before genuinely firing. it took Riyad longer. it took kante 4-5 games. so AN answer to your question is a question. How long is a piece of string? Barnes is doing absolutely fine for his first Season as a first teamer
  11. A Peroni induced victory chant inspired by a Xmas ad.... to Beyoncé s ‘if I were a boy’ ... If I were a blue!!! Then which would I be??? would I’d be caglar soyuncu? or maybe even wilf ndidi? I’d wear my heart on my sleeve... I’d know my fans will believe it could be kasper or Ricardo or maybe even Emile Heskey.... It could be Gary.... Gordon Banks or Guppy... if I’m being really honest, there’s only one it ever could be.... HIS NAME IS VARDY!!!! he wears his heart on his sleeve..
  12. we would go 3 clear of man city and with a better GD..
  13. Now I’m not getting ahead of myself ( well I am but sod it!) but the “other” city have to play away at Arsenal and Burnley and home to the “other” United before they play us. It is. its happening again.
  14. Personally, I can quite easily imagine a tight title race between the top 4, never mind 2 or 3. Everybody seems to think we have to win 23/24 more games, we don’t and we won’t. Liverpool will drop points, not in 15/20 games time but in the next 5. They’re flying at present, no doubt but they are nowhere near as solid or as fluid as the previous two seasons. Im guessing by the time we play them the gap will be down to 6. After we beat them it will be down to 3. The pressure WILL build and the scousers will fold and we can all live happily ever after. 🧐
  15. I know, it must be a right grind with 52 players out on loan. How do they cope??
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