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  1. A Peroni induced victory chant inspired by a Xmas ad.... to Beyoncé s ‘if I were a boy’ ... If I were a blue!!! Then which would I be??? would I’d be caglar soyuncu? or maybe even wilf ndidi? I’d wear my heart on my sleeve... I’d know my fans will believe it could be kasper or Ricardo or maybe even Emile Heskey.... It could be Gary.... Gordon Banks or Guppy... if I’m being really honest, there’s only one it ever could be.... HIS NAME IS VARDY!!!! he wears his heart on his sleeve... he’s Leicester and we love it And that’s the only blue I could be ..... clears throat...
  2. we would go 3 clear of man city and with a better GD..
  3. Now I’m not getting ahead of myself ( well I am but sod it!) but the “other” city have to play away at Arsenal and Burnley and home to the “other” United before they play us. It is. its happening again.
  4. Personally, I can quite easily imagine a tight title race between the top 4, never mind 2 or 3. Everybody seems to think we have to win 23/24 more games, we don’t and we won’t. Liverpool will drop points, not in 15/20 games time but in the next 5. They’re flying at present, no doubt but they are nowhere near as solid or as fluid as the previous two seasons. Im guessing by the time we play them the gap will be down to 6. After we beat them it will be down to 3. The pressure WILL build and the scousers will fold and we can all live happily ever after. 🧐
  5. I know, it must be a right grind with 52 players out on loan. How do they cope??
  6. Ok I’m in. to the tune of she’s coming round the mountain. well you wonder just how many grans he’s shagged well you wonder just how many grans he’s shagged and you wonder what Colleen thinks when she sniffs his bits and it stinks. and he wears a fvcking merkin on his head.
  7. I have a cunning plan.... let the game continue as before with the ref calling the shots, with VAR working behind the scenes with absolutely no communication with the ref whatsoever. Celebrate the goals as they should be celebrated, with wild abandonment, go nuts. Then at full time, an allowance of 5 minutes to sort the mistakes made and VAR appears on the big screens.... It will then inform you all of the disallowed goals, could even award a penalty still. Sounds far out, I know. But it allows the game to flow, all errors are still corrected and the best part is you could be 4-2 down at full time and still win. Missed red cards is an awkward one as the opposition would not gain any advantage but this isn’t that common. Offsides/onsides will be the same as now with the 50/50s allowed to stand. I know what your thinking. And yes I should work for the FA
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