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  1. Still looking for help with one ticket for this, I know it’s a long shot that it goes ahead but still interested given that the game may be re-scheduled. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Doubt this will make it down to my points (334) so will be looking for a one spare if anyone can help
  3. Quick one, probably been discussed but can’t be arsed to read the whole thread - what’s the deal with boozers Sunday? Everyone drinking in the city centre or in Aston?
  4. idea for a chant following the Si Señor? chant made famous by river plate etc Wolves and Liverpool use it for Firmino and Jimenez Would sound great.
  5. such a tough game, impossible to call. We might see squad rotation coming through now with the amount of games in December. Any kind of result on Sunday is massive, midlands bragging points. How good would 8 in a row at villa park feel?
  6. Love seeing the day outers leave at 80 minutes and we win it like that right at the death, hopefully they’ll realise football matches last longer than 80 minutes one day
  7. Have a spare for this - UV1 - collect at the ground edit - sold now
  8. Sold out. edit - tickets still available, website said otherwise a minute ago
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