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  1. I’m glad you asked. Wolves have recently updated there system this year apparently and a season ticket is worth 1000 points and 10 points per away game. Hope this answers your question
  2. From the look at it wolves use the same points system as us for away games. However there into the thousands so good luck and stop your moaning. Where was you when we were struggling in league one and the championship?! All of a sudden we are up there and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Can’t support us when we’re shit don’t support us at all
  3. I’m not just in about you I’m on about fans in general. You say about Sheffield Utd but it’s the same for villa, local game, not played them in years. A lot of people will be wanting to go and so far haven’t seen one ticket come up for sale
  4. Thanks for that, genuinely didn’t know it was legal or not. My issue is with the fans that have all of a sudden jumped on the bandwagon since winning the league. These are the ones who seem to be moaning the most, can’t get a season ticket but think there membership should give them the same right. Where we’re they when we was in league 1? Can’t support us when we are shit, don’t support us when we are good. And certainly don’t moan about it.
  5. It’s been that way for years stop moaning. How would you do it then? It’s fair why should the fans that have had a season ticket years, who have been going home and away be in the same category as a member?
  6. Looking for 2 tickets for Burton away please
  7. Long shot I know but if anyone has any tickets they don’t want I will take them. Looking for 2
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