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  1. Looks more like Nookie the bear than Orville!
  2. Watched the film Hannibal again last night. Forgot that Julian Joachim had a little cameo in this film (seen on a TV in the background) whilst playing for Aston Villa. Wife wasn't that impressed when I pointed it out to her mind you!
  3. Remember this one so well - what a cracker even to this day
  4. "Barnes, Barnes will tear you apart, again", sounded absolutely fantastic last night.
  5. Spencer Prior has just got on my bus in Sydney! I named my dog Spencer after him!! Not that he was ever the greatest CB we had, I just liked the name
  6. Here's hoping there will be a few from the Villa game!
  7. People who go to a music concert and then spend all their time shouting/talking to their mates - only to get momentarily excited by the one or two huge famous tracks. Stay at home and listen on Spotify.
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