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  1. Disappointed not to get a win, but I'm not mad at the players for it. Performance was good overall, aside from some lapses in concentration on set pieces. Should have won it with Vardy's ball to Barnes, but his finishing is poor unless he has time to settle and pick a spot. He's young, so that will come. But, Barnes NEEDS to start working on his finishing without taking a touch to control it. Still 3rd and Chelsea are a decent side. Lots of positives but they need to start winning again.
  2. Barnes really needs to spend some time working on his finishing. I say this every weekend.
  3. Evans... That's unforgivable.
  4. You'd think he'd have been marked better the second time around...
  5. Great ball from Tielemens to spot Chilwell. Barnes' first time finishing lets us down again. Easily the weakest part of his game that we see at least once every time he plays.
  6. I felt that breeze on my couch from Hudson-Odoi.
  7. Barnes making things happen today.
  8. Needs to work on his finishing, especially when he needs to hit it first time. But, most of the criticism is harsh.
  9. That looked incredibly easy for Barnes
  10. Rodgers just said this as well.
  11. Yeah, it's good. In my opinion, probably the best football writing these days by quite a bit. I like Michael Cox and that's who he is working for these days.
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