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  1. Appreciate that mate I really do. Every positive comment means a lot, thanks again.
  2. 100% mate. Lots back in Portugal weren’t convinced following the Uruguay game and especially with him playing away from Portugal they couldn’t keep as close an eye on him, now however he has emerged as many peoples number 1, myself included. His attitude and talent speaks for itself and his 2 games for Portugal the last week he was incredible. Cancelo and Sémedo are incredible RB’s also but with Sémedo’s injuries and Cancelo’s selection inconsistency, Riccy is number 1.
  3. Cheers mate, appreciate the kind winds. My writing has never and will never aim to grab cheap clicks, I believe the content should speak for itself. Pushing the Portuguese game is a bit passion of mine so anyway I can highlight or bring positivity I will do! thanks again,
  4. Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed! Well spotted also, they reached the final twice in 3 years so must have gotten mixed up! thanks for the kind words, Aaron
  5. He seems 100% focused on Leicester City and only Leicester. Clearly thinks that there is something on the horizon for the club and sees this year as an opportunity to do something big. Enjoys playing under Rodgers and spoke about the positive vibe at the club right now etc. Yes he does! I told him how many requests I get about Pereira content on the website and how he’s became a fan favourite! My twitter is @ProximaJornada1 if you’re interested in anything else I do on the subject of Portuguese football. He can see the rewards for his fine form too with the recent international call-up, he’ll be aiming for a superb rest of the season for Euro 2020 selection also. - Aaron
  6. He’ll be up there in all seriousness! What a fantastic player he has been for you. Ricardo spoke very well about Leicester, clearly thinks something special is on the horizon and I agree. Just wanted his love for the club to come across in the interview!
  7. Hello Foxes! Aaron here, a writer from Próxima Jornada, a website specialising in Portuguese football and footballers. I recently conducted an interview with Ricardo Pereira at Leicester’s training complex. In the interview he speaks about Leicester, hopes for the season and what it’s like to work under Brendan Rodgers. Just thought I’d drop it in here in case it was of interest! The link is: https://proximajornada1.wordpress.com/2019/11/14/ricardo-pereira-the-interview/ Good luck for the rest of the season! - Aaron
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