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  1. The final vote! What will be the favourite City shirt of the decade? https://twitter.com/mrthomassmith_/status/1200127483460431872?s=21
  2. Into the knockout rounds of voting. Thanks to everyone for voting so far!
  3. Last year to vote on, then we move onto the serious business. https://twitter.com/mrthomassmith_/status/1197567023234109442?s=20
  4. The vote continues... https://twitter.com/mrthomassmith_/status/1197424592631091200?s=20
  5. Which was your favourite shirt from the 2013-14 Championship-winning season? https://twitter.com/mrthomassmith_/status/1197052184157999105?s=20
  6. https://twitter.com/mrthomassmith_/status/1196838992903331840?s=20
  7. The next vote is live! Thanks to everyone who has voted so far. Up the City!
  8. Thanks for getting involved everyone. The first poll is now live on Twitter. https://twitter.com/mrthomassmith_/status/1196531584100438019?s=20 Get voting! Up the City!
  9. As the decade draws to a close I am looking to determine the most popular Leicester City shirt of the past ten years. The poll will be conducted on Twitter - via the thread linked - over the upcoming days. Please vote and share with other Foxes. Up the city!
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