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  1. If anyone has Danny Simpson on Instagram, he has posted a story with Islam Slimani...saying you leaving me mate and him saying no I stay. So I guess he is in !
  2. Hi...Sorry if this has already been posted but the lcfc YouTube has recently posted the documentary. For those who have not already seen it I have copied the link below; Hope you enjoy it and it helps take your mind of this isolation.
  3. I was not really know where to put this but I think this thread would do...the winter break is making some people post very odd things. I can't unsee some of these pictures so I though everyone should be inflicted with this.
  4. If anyone has Amazon prime then you may be interested to watch the latest episode of the Back of the Net with Jamie Vardy
  5. Tottenham have sacked Mauricio Pochettino. I hope the media do not try and link Brendan Rodgers to the job.
  6. The Leicester fans are just making fun of all the Manchester United and other big 6 club fans who post "please come to Manchester" etc...it's all tongue in cheek.
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