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  1. Checkout his National Team perfonmance(he selected for best 11 for Eu Qualifers) and last 2 games for Juve. He is very promising player. Worth to hype.
  2. 6.23 Feet 6ft 2.8031in =)
  3. Last match(Udinese) perfonmance by Merih Demiral. Just watch it guys and see how agile, passionate and talented he is. =)
  4. He is 1.90 tall yet fast and agile as Çağlar + he is monster for aerial balls. He would perfect fit for Premier League for sure and I hope City sign him.
  5. I have already posted it. In my opinion Chaalaa is best one. Charlar is close but not that close. On the other hand Merih is easiest than Çağlar for English peoples. =)
  6. I've watch Juve game and Merih Demiral was impressive. I wish Leicester sign him. It would perfect. THE TURKISH WALL! =) Btw guys I am a newbie here and my English not so good, I hope you guys forgive me.
  7. Hey guys, I am a Turkish person. Charlar is not even close, Chaalaar is close one, try it. =)
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