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  1. I see the boys are back at it again...
  2. LMAO Brendon Rodgers is the best thing what's happened to this club since Ranieri. I mean who else could of taken these lot to where they are now? I tell you... NO ONE. Everyone needs tho shut up and behave.
  3. The Jesse Lingard of left backs. Just utter gash.
  4. Chilwell actually did something. Nice. Schmeichel is crap.
  5. Maddison is pure overhyped trash. Would sell him and get Rodriguez from Madrid. Tie ain't over yet.
  6. The amount of times he has the ball, holds onto it for too long, doesn't take his man and misplaces a simple pass.... Just crap. Absolute crap. Sell ASAP and replace him ASAP!!!
  7. I thought Big Wes was great in the second half along with Fuchs. Everyone else was crap though. Seriously crap.
  8. Gray is absolutely garbage. I'm sorry, he's not good enough.
  9. I've always respected Albrighton as an professional. Just gets on with it.
  10. Garbage performance. Can't believe people think we are playing good.
  11. Time to cash in and receive the goods.
  12. Players play when they want to and don't give a damn about the consequences. They still get their money... No desire. No passion. No fight. No quality. Oh I forgot, I can't be negative around here...
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