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  1. Under's been garbage but will get a free pass as usual.
  2. Shame it didn't transpire. Would keep the likes of Maddison and Tielemans on their toes and helps with squad rotation.
  3. Better goalkeeping and Leeds might of got something out of this one.
  4. We only lost to Leeds thanks to Maddison doing his Hollywood passing nonsense when not needing to and Perez being Perez in front of goal. It was more to do with us being sloppy than them being great imo.
  5. Does offer more of a threat than Perez but that's not really saying much is it?
  6. Everyone bemoaning why we're playing certain players all the time? Look at our squad. Quality ain't there chief.
  7. Our lack of depth in the squad really shows in matches like this when we have to play Tielemans every bloody game.
  8. Perez is terrible but Under is even worse. Need changes.
  9. Can't believe we're arguing who to start between Iheanacho and Perez...
  10. Not a chance. Too many slackers in this team and it's a shame because with some decent transfers, we'll be there permanently.
  11. Regarding your first two points, I'm sorry but if you want be like a top club, you act like a top club. Pay up or shut up. And on points 3 and 4. Like I said, he's clearly falling out of love with Utd and shows with his performances. And can play on the line unlike the other two plebs we have in our disposal. Yet would walk into our team right now and in form is better than our clowns by a country mile. Time to act like a big club and become legitimately a top side for good!
  12. He's the Granit Xhaka of Strikers. Dog shit.
  13. Great servant but age and injuries are catching up I'm afraid.
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