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  1. Good grief have you all forgotten just exactly how the scottish fans behave once south of the border? It then becomes an anti english crusade. Brace yourselves for trouble at every home game involving them. Ask why the home internationals were dropped. Heaven forbid we go back to that level of racialism.
  2. He's still one of our own and followed our club up and down the country for more years than some of his detractors were born. I for one are glad his being looked after and still going down his beloved City. Good luck to the bloke and may he have many more years as a supporter.
  3. Yes I do realise how well we are doing this season. That doesn't preclude me from having an opinion on one particular game though does it? I just don't get your aggression?
  4. Yes and performances like this tonight make you shake your head and wonder why? using the word moron to make a point instead of reasoned argument or to make a point only highlights that you are one.
  5. Who ever sanctioned it would have to get tops signature on the expenditure cheque, So Top would have known about it if not even instigated it.
  6. Of course racism exists I never said otherwise. But the woke mindset of seeing it everywhere is pathetic and counter productive to combating racism. And just so you know TRAD DAD is a Jazz term ( i love Jazz ) nothing to do with tradition or age or having a trad wife. So your bet like your assumption is wrong. Lets just agree to disagree and leave it now.
  7. It is. He's right let's just leave it there.
  8. Everybody? surely not?. Anyway I'm not easily swayed by popular perceptions I prefer to have a mind of my own . But thank you for your points on the matter and replying.
  9. Called an unconscious bias by who? the people who have made it?
  10. Well documented by who ? people with a woke agenda I can assure you . If you wish to remain ignorant of being used by someone else's agenda that's your prerogative.
  11. Yeah he just got ambition mixed up with ability that's all.
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