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  1. And how do we do that if it's after the deadline?
  2. That's in you mind too. My point is I've often heard Vardy described as having power and pace. People looking into things that are not there are become a pest.
  3. Typical WOKE thought police posting. It's all in your mind son.
  4. And i would have laughed at anyone who said we would collapse at such an alarming rate and be losing to the likes of Southampton and Burnley having been in this position at this stage of the season too. this position
  5. So in that case you play your best eleven against the likes of Burnley to get the points were it really matters?
  6. Yes but the worrying thing is we half expected it before the game started.
  7. Welcome to reality. No other side in our position in the league would have put out a performance like that today against opposition so far behind us in the league, unless there was something seriously wrong. We don't know what it is yet but we know we are going nowhere fast. forget champions league football we are doing a a Bournemouth.
  8. Hmmmmmmm we thought that about Southampton. I agree we should beat Burnley but our recent form casts doubts in our minds, doubts we would never have entertained only a moth or so ago. I still hope we can get back on track especially with yesterdays results though.
  9. I thank you sir. It all becomes clearer now ( well sort of )
  10. Shall we start a save Drinky from bankruptcy fund?
  11. No I am and will be eternally grateful for Drinkies contribution to our greatest achievement. No doubt about it he is one of the immortals. It's just that sometimes football fans lose a bit of perspective. His career has gone down the pan but as has been said he is a very wealthy man and if he never kicked another ball he's financially made for life. I save my empathy for those who really deserve it .
  12. I wish things would turn out badly for me on over a hundred grand a week ,I'm sure I'd learn to live with it.
  13. It's a bit hard to feel sorry for someone who has at least a million in the bank for sitting around for two years doing nothing but polish your Premier league medal ( something a lot of better players never won ) I'm sure he will survive after football it's all about perspective .
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