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  1. Didn't realise Sheff Utd had signed Sander Berge. Just £22 million too. Can't believe we weren't all over that. Rodgers has spoke many times about how he likes to overload his squad with different types of midfielders.....He'd have been perfect. Could've loaned Choudhury out, so he can actually play.
  2. Not sure it's going to be easier to sign players in the summer at all. Chelsea will start to re-invest. Man Utd seem to be getting the cheque book out regularly, and I can see Woodward being desperate to appease. Arsenal could finally back a manager. Man City will spend a fortune. Mourinho will be backed at Spurs. Ancelotti came to Everton for a reason. Those 6 clubs + Liverpool will all have the upper hand when it comes to being in for similar targets. 6 games of Champions League football really won't leave much of a positive impression for targets. Remember when we won the league? We were in a better position than now, and we didn't sign much.
  3. Are more than a handful of our players 'good enough for Champions League'? What exactly is the measuring stick for that? You are aware, if we qualify, we will probably only play 6 games in the UCL right? We will have 40+ league and cup games to contend. I'd rather have Bowen as an option on the bench for those games than our current attacking options, bar Iheanacho.
  4. If Bowen goes for below £25 mil, and we don't bring nobody in, we've had a bit of a mare there. Nothing fee nowadays, for a player who's clearly more of a threat than Albrighton/Gray, so a clear improvement for the squad. High on confidence, scores goals, would be our main attacking threat with Iheanacho off the bench. There's no way spending £25-30 million now should somehow mean we have to remove that money from our budget in the summer.
  5. Seriously worried about Grealish. I personally think he's streets ahead of Maddison, lets hope i'm proven wrong....But he seems the type to relish the big occasion. I don't think this Villa side is as bad as some make out. The rapid pace it has been put together and the lack of threat up front has been the major problem with it. Should they stay up, I can see them improving a lot next season.
  6. The English media love making up rubbish and their 'Big club/Successful club' bias don't they? Multiple articles on Maddison/Grealish this season, now some appearing on Barnes too. You've got poor old Buendia from Norwich, tackling stats like Ndidi, creating chance stats like Maddison and assist stats like TAA/KDB and he doensn't get a sniff of a mention.
  7. There's literally no way in which Catalan Dragons/Rugby League can benefit from this. Stupid decision, how on earth do you think this is in any way a good decision? I hate the modern PC culture, but you must understand that airing offensive views, with the 'intention' to offend, is just a stupid thing to do. Another moronic 'Celebrity' who has used their own elevated platform to try and promote their own views/beliefs. Airing negative views about different genders/races/religions/sexualities etc, in an environment which contains different genders/races/religions/sexualities etc is just moronic. No doubt this will bring out the voices of the Right and the Left in the Media to explain why the Right/Left are to blame for this. Despite the fact that both sides are just as racist/prejudiced/out of touch as each other.
  8. There's going to be so many potential signings from relegated teams this season depending on who goes down. Norwich, Watford, Bournemouth, West Ham, Villa, Brighton....All have multiple players that would improve us. Norwich/Villa interest me a lot. Can see a lot of fighting over Grealish/Mcginn/Mings/Buendia/Aarons/Cantwell etc.
  9. Its debate man, literally everything that this great sport is about..... Given the way society is going I guess it won't be long before we are told that having the opinion to support different teams is wrong and we should all come together and support just one team?
  10. No wonder this country performs so badly in Footballing Comps when the media are spouting nonsense like this. Number of tackles = Must be a Anchor Man = Kante was an Anchor man Look at the table ffs..... Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester) 86 Joao Moutinho (Wolves) 65 James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) 62 Emiliano Buendia (Norwich) 57 Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (Southampton) 57 Ndidi is the only one of the above 5 which is a out and out Anchor man, the Makelele role if you will. None of the above besides him plays that role, and neither does Kante, who was never the deepest center mid here, or at Chelsea. In fact, you're then actually massively downplaying the most impressive name on that list, Emiliano Buendia. 4th most tackles in the league, and 3rd most assists? There's a signing i'd be after in the summer.
  11. Perhaps the best thing we can do to improve the side this month is not waste wages/contracts we can use in the summer on our higher priority targets. Got enough on there we need to get rid of, Slimani, Silva, James, Albrighton etc etc.
  12. The Scandinavian leagues were purely an example of how your financial excuse is just that, an excuse, when clubs in those leagues are far smaller than Celtic and Rangers, yet still outperforming the league as a whole. The point still stands though, using your own measurement of the 'Country Coefficient' table. I said "I don't think it's regarded as any stronger than some of the Scandinavian leagues in all honesty", the table backs it up. Denmark - 13th Scotland - 16th Sweden - 21st Norway - 22nd The above is an example of the current 'Country Coefficient' table. Where, just like the last 10 years,every year at least one Scandinavian league has been above you in that table. In fact, Denmark has been above you every season, so i'm not sure your 'Population' excuse is relevant either. Cyprus has a population of 1/5th of Scotland.....Yet has performed better in Europe for 8 out of the past 10 years. In the past 10 years, the three Scandinavian leagues of Denmark+Sweden+Norway have outperformed the SPFL for at least 15 of the past 30 opportunities, which proves my simple hypothesis earlier. "I don't think it's regarded as any stronger than some of the Scandinavian leagues in all honesty" - Which after investigation, is a fact. Population/Financial restraints are poor excuses, which are not justified at all, given the size of the nations/leagues/clubs which are performing better than Scotland. I haven't even gone into depth about the fact that most of these other leagues are also performing better despite their domestic competitions being more competitive than Scotland. The SPFL has had just 1 side who was capable of winning the league for the past 7/8 seasons, and has still performed terribly. Whereas Denmark, for example, has had 4 different winners of their league in that time. If the term 'Snob' is going to be put upon anyone, it may be those who suggest Scottish football is of a higher standard to that in Scandinavia....It clearly is not.
  13. How much you reckon we are willing to spend in the summer? They must be willing to give Rodgers £100 million if he wants it?
  14. 2009/10 - Didn't qualify for Champions League - Knocked out by Arsenal 2010/11 - Didn't qualify for Champions League or Europa League - Knocked out by Braga + Utrecht 2011/12 - Only got to the group stage of the Europa League after after being embarrassed by Sion who were booted out for playing illegible players 2012/13 - Got through the group stage of Champions League - Knocked out by Juventus 2013/14 - Bottom of the group in Champions League with 3 points 2014/15 - Didn't qualify for Champions League - Knocked out by Maribor 2015/16 - Didn't qualify for Champions League - Knocked out by Malmo 2016/17 - Bottom of the group in Champions League with 3 points 2017/18 - 3rd in the group in Champions League, but again with only 3 points. Knocked out straight away in Europa League by Zenit 2018/19 - Didn't qualify for Champions League - Knocked out by AEK Athens. Knocked out in 1st knockout round of Europe League by Valencia Only 4 out of the past 10 seasons have you made the group stage of the Champions League. Braga/Maribor/Malmo/AEK Athens are the sides that have knocked you out in Champions League qualification. Utrecht/Sion are the sides that dumped you of Europa League qualification. (Obviously you were saved by Sion being kicked out, whether you agree correctly or incorrectly, they didn't beat you over two legs because of some huge financial advantage). ......No 'Financial' excuses there i'm afraid. Destruction of the 'mighty' AIK is the outlier i'm afraid, not the norm. As evident by the facts above. Edit: I'm not convinced beating AIK 6-1 is an achievement, when you were knocked out of the Champions League by the Champions of the monsterous Romanian League, CFR Cluj.
  15. @henrik_62 What is he like on the ball? Edouard would only really feature when Vardy would be injured/rested, and when we're desperate for a goal, as Rodgers is reluctant to play two up top. Can he play slightly deeper, as the one who comes to show for the ball when Vardy looks to get in behind? Or even play out as one of the front 3, who sits narrower to Vardy with a more natural winger on the other side? Iheanacho is getting better and better all the time, but we need a 3rd forward, and Edouard's physicality fits perfectly.
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