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  1. Stunning..so tight between defence n midfield..best for years...omg..I dare to dream again...
  2. Stunning all round today....tightest defence/ midfield for ages..FCUKing great boys
  3. Created many excellent chances for others today...great to see..he looked v strong...
  4. Still sat here stunned by tonight...I know we been v poor most (all tbh) of 2020..but tonight was cataclysmic.. in all my 55 years of watching professional football..never seen so bad
  5. Tbh. ..ever since Arsenal apparently turned his head ..and board rewarded him with a ridiculous contract..we hv been v poor since Norwich home Todays utter shambolic collapse reminds me of my home team Plymouth's pathetic collapse at d mighty Accrington Stanley (5-1) when dictatorial Derek Adams had well n truly lost d dressing room in April 2019 Bodes v badly for nest season ..which will start quite soon
  6. Clarification..wins v Villa Watford n Brighton..key to Champ Lgue Apologies all
  7. If Manure hold on to beat Shitty today, a win v Brighton essential to keep them from getting excited...
  8. Disjointed...no cohesion...Chilwell n Madders' heads turned by media..couple of poseurs ..Vardy poor....how is Dressing Room atmosphere? (20)
  9. My God..we gotta stop this rot urgently...Relegpation Form since mid Dec
  10. Was nievely hoping that 'Winter break' would re~engize Everyone...No.. All we can do is crack on n hope our buffer points enable us to struggle into Euro places.. Yes perhaps 'we boxed above our weight' this first half season..but now a bloody dog fight tbh...we still not great. (Since Brighton away tbh?) Vardy looks lost since family addition..also I am totally fed up with ongoing Maddison transfer gossip..(even though window just closed)..Manure just sign Greenish..he much much better anyway..(must be distracting Maddison)..although defensively he surprisingly q sound 2nite
  11. Even though Man C away was quite bad..he scored a typically brilliant goal...Now ..hv increased family responsibilities pushed our Maestro a step too far?
  12. We all need stay calm.... BUT objectively 1..Schmichael is causing massive problems..needs replacing next year or so..sadly I fear same for (2) below.. 2..Vardy has n't looked at all right since daughter's birth (hoofed clearance v West Ham was unnecessary non league standard.. resulting in injury)...anonymous today tbh 3..Perez n Gray not good enough 4...Maddison n Chilwell flatter to deceive 5..Soyuncu gone off d boil Top 4 finish not gonna be at all easy
  13. Tbh Ihanaecheo brings likes of Barnes, Perez into play cleverly n effectively...all gone downhill a bit for Vards since daughters birth..
  14. Rodgers failure to 'look beyond the very next game' and stubborness hv ruined my whole Xmas so far...had we lost to MC n Lpool with weakened teams I would understand....but now gonna struggle v WH n Newc..then we got further fatigie with FA n Caribo cups... He talked of rotation late Nov..but virtually no thing happened....lacklustre NORWICH game should hv alerted him..
  15. Wow...agree given the ineptness v MC n Lpool...we'd hv better resting players in those 2 matches Also...last 2 games. where was the fight n pressing that Wolves wonderfully demonstrated last night? This is however a massive chance for Squad players to shine....
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