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  1. If Soyuncu was just standing there an the ball hit him then I don't think it would have been given. The fact that he leans into the ball and it hits his arm is why I believe it was called.
  2. Season Greetings to all - and I come in peace, I didn't follow B.R's time at Celtic, but I did follow his time at Liverpool and he was an idealist when it came to how to play the game. I was curious as to whether or not he had learned some pragmatism during his managing time in Scotland, but it doesn't seem that he has. The example I would like to mention is how he set the Liverpool team up to play Chelsea - yes, when Stevie G. slipped - in that game if we would have been set up to try and win, but be happy with a point we probably would have won the EPL that year. B.R. didn't really change anything thing and went in all guns blazing into that game. He certainly didn't take a pragmatist approach to that match. I think that is what the Leicester City supporters need to watch for - will B.R. ever be able to philosophically adapt to become a top tier manager - that is really the question. If he is unable to do that I don't know how many English clubs will continue to give him a chance at making it in the EPL. I remember several posts on various Liverpool forums that stated that Brendan would probably be more successful in Spain, as his philosophy matches their league better than England. That trait is one reason why I think Klopp is a better manager than Pepe at City. Klopp has added and changed the way Liverpool has approached games each year. He has been very flexable. That has been fascinating to watch when I have been able to catch games. Lastly, the PK comparison to the no call against City in Trent's favor. I have seen both situations given and not given. Showing a still photo of Trent, in this Leicester game, doesn't compare the situations fairly - you need to see the full event at speed. Against City Trent was running full speed back towards his own goal when a City player tried to play a cross in and it hit another Liverpool player and then ricochet off the City player that crossed it. The ball went like a laser at Trent who was then in the process of trying to slow down in the middle of a sprint, and he had his arms out for balance to do that - hence, the reason why I don't think that appeal for a PK was given - the ball played the man not the man played the ball. The one tonight on the Leicester defender was different. He did have his arm out from his side, but I thought the important aspects were that one - he was in control of his body, as he wasn't running and two, he did seem to lean into the path of the ball to block it - that is why I think it was given. Lord knows we have had our share of calls that haven't gone our way - many Liverpool supporters think that Martin Atkinson has it out for us, and will try anything in his power to give calls against us to prevent Liverpool from winning the league. Good luck to Leicester City the rest of the season! To all a Happy New Year!
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