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  1. We had a couchsurfer from Freiburg stay awhile back. She said he was extremely impressive - apparently he earned them a lot of points with his defending and saved them from relegation. She knew he would be moving on to a bigger team at the end of the season. Nice that we ended up with him instead of Dortmund or Bayern!
  2. Leicester supporter from New Zealand here. Finally got round to signing up and just wanted to say you can blame yesterday's loss on me. Most games I don't watch live because they're on at 1:30-3am in the morning here. However, I do sometimes catch the late kickoff games because they're on around 9am. Unfortunately it seems the team must be aware I'm watching because they always perform unusually poorly. I always check the match thread at half time and it's inevitably filled with comments such as "this is the worst we've played all season". Good news is West Ham is on a bit too earl
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