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  1. Still got this shirt and fits still. Got the horrible yellow one aswell from that season.
  2. Delighted they have made this, quite glad it’s limited edition aswell. Order mine already. Hopefully the next ones will be the 92/93 shirts. Tbf they’re getting them spot on aswell. Some retro shirt remade aren’t nowhere near the originals but these are exact copies.
  3. 100%, a lot of people thought we were relegated and for a lot of people the novelty had worn off. I remember going down a couple weeks before the Sunderland game with my gold memberships and asking to upgrade to season tickets and they asked where would I like ? I asked for the kop and she replied which block and I went in sk1. There where 1000s of seats. If you had a membership that season, you could of easily got a season ticket at the end of the season.
  4. I’m sorry but I’m calling BS on that one. The year we stayed up 14/15. Me and my friend both had gold memberships. Then when everyone had the chance to renew say in April loads of people didn’t. So in May before we had stayed up. Me and and my friend got a chance to get season tickets which we took. We didn’t enter no ballot or anything. We had a window to get one and there were loads up for sale. I know of people who have been members since who have been able to get season tickets. My cousins were gold memebers during the league winning season and managed to get two the season after.
  5. what games does everyone own for the switch ? Mine are Mario odyssey (best Mario game for me personally) Mario kart 8 deluxe ( addicted to playing the battles online) Mario 3D all stars ( brought it but never really started playing it yet. Completed Mario 64 and Mario 64ds. Never played galaxy or sunshine) Mario tennis aces ( have good memories of Mario tennis 64. So brought it, completed the story mode was abit meh but my daughter enjoys it) Mario maker 2 ( decent enough but don’t really enjoy building the courses. Rather play oth
  6. Good news !!! They’ve got the 94-96 home and away shirt on sale !! Bad news though, no jade and navy 3rd kit though
  7. 100% this, I felt like throwing the tv out the window them banging on about how great it was. Sticking every player behind the ball isn’t genius tactics. Lumping balls forwards isn’t revolutionary. They all cried at Everton about Big Sam style of football, yet Carlo is a god !!
  8. I thought the last 20 mins his passing was lazy. He gave the ball away so many times. He’s a great player and probably very tired having played so many games but he looked very leggy towards the end. Just worries me now that praet is out we have no option to rest youri. We need to keep him fresh.
  9. That women pundit, I’m sorry was Probably the worst pundit I’ve ever watched. Yes we get Jamie Vardy is injured can you offer anything else to the viewers. The tit said Ndidi debut came in a comfortable lost in the fa cup ?!!!!! Musa got both and we beat them 2-1 ffs !!! The wank fest over Everton defending was sickening. Robbie savage is a bellend who seems half asleep most of the game. Rather listen to stringz and pipez.
  10. Good luck sol bamba, proper cult hero. Lovely bloke aswell
  11. Why is the club shop so poor when it comes to stocking retro shirts or putting new ones out. The 91 shirt I was lucky to get one in medium but they were in stock for about 2 weeks and nothing since. I really want the 92-93 shirt and the jade and navy away shirt put out again. They surely own the rights to fox leisure and walkers are happy to go on the shirt. I emailed him regarding it and he said he’ll past it onto the fans store but heard nothing since.
  12. You also forget to mention they lost 4-0 to Bayern Leverkusen and 3-1 to Hapoel beer sheva in the europa league.
  13. Remember going to a FNF game and Andy Cole was playing for Newcastle. Also went to the Utd game and we had to go in the kop. Crazy to think we got 16,000 for a reserve game.
  14. @UpTheLeagueFoxwhat roles have you done at the club ? Like have you ever officially worked for the club ?
  15. 🤣 I just thought Leicester fans of a certain age would be interested in this story. I read pretty much every book on Leicester but never before as someone who held this high a position ever wrote a book. I’ve spoken to Barrie in the past and he definitely as a interesting story regarding Leicester city. I actually did tell him to write a book !
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