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  1. Remember going to a FNF game and Andy Cole was playing for Newcastle. Also went to the Utd game and we had to go in the kop. Crazy to think we got 16,000 for a reserve game.
  2. @UpTheLeagueFoxwhat roles have you done at the club ? Like have you ever officially worked for the club ?
  3. 🤣 I just thought Leicester fans of a certain age would be interested in this story. I read pretty much every book on Leicester but never before as someone who held this high a position ever wrote a book. I’ve spoken to Barrie in the past and he definitely as a interesting story regarding Leicester city. I actually did tell him to write a book !
  4. He did indeed and that’s why I’m interested in his side of the story. You think, MON left 5 months after Barrie was booted out. Elsom gave Taylor silly money and the club nearly went under. What would of happened if the Gang of Four had stayed.
  5. Anyone else order Barrie pierpoint book ? I’ve just got mine today and have to say anyone who followed city during the 90s it definitely brings back a lot of good memories. I’m quite surprised the club isn’t selling it in the shop to be honest. Think it be good with the retro shirts.
  6. We did get promoted that season. We came 2nd.
  7. Yes, Man City away when kompany scored that wonder goal. Meant stopping Liverpool from winning the league. Only ever time I’ve openly wanted us to lose.
  8. Anyone reckon they’ll bin the fa cup ?
  9. No I’d go Jamie Vardy, he’s more legendary then both of the people you mention. Ranieri wasn’t here long enough for a statue. Vardy our greatest ever player and he should get the statue after Vichai.
  10. Yeah most Leicester fans, I travel on Ausden Clark for away games and get on with pretty much everyone. Same as my season ticket spot. Most of the people around me are now friends. I just don’t like the idiots who are using Leicester to boost their own agendas. See there’s a little kid who’s dad post on here. Who’s son does the vlogging. No problem with that, him and the other children enjoy it and nice to see the new generation of Leicester fans coming through with the same passion as us. What I don’t enjoy is the true fox and Lee chappy trying to be the face of Leicester fans. They make us l
  11. The true fox is a young immature kid, I did enjoy him winding up the Everton fans tbf. He’s definitely got too big for his boots though. I seen him at Norwich and he was holding his ticket up for the camera and dropped his ticket into a puddle. I don’t like the vlogging tbf, it’s another thing killing football. AFTV being the main culprits. I remember seeing Robbie getting abused at Everton away, after he came on saying the dark days had returned and he’d been racially abused. What was bullshit because you can see in the video, theirs black arsenal fans giving him shit. People have had enough
  12. It’s not just the true fox I find incredibly annoying. That Lee chappy, he’s probably the worst. At least the true fox is a child. Lee chappy got nothing about him, apart from looking like Jamie Vardy. Yet act likes he’s the face of Leicester city fans. Never seen him at away game mind. Same with that blue van man, he was probably entertaining talking about fast food outlets but jumped on the super fan bandwagon. He’s thick as and this is why I hate social media. It gives clowns like this a platform. That 100% Leicester and Matt piper are incredibly cringey aswell.
  13. I’m sorry but I’m sick of people saying were we came from ? We played in league one once in our whole history due to a idiot chairman and bad management. We were never a league one club so please stop acting like we were some sort of Peterborough like club. Wolves, Southampton, forest and sheff Wednesday all been in league 1. Yet I wouldn’t class them as league 1 clubs. We should had never dropped that far in the first place. Us and Leeds that season shouldn’t had never been in league one in the first place. It was embarrassing, and a season I like to forget. Being in crap form but still 3rd i
  14. I have seen hamza and Barnes our together in town before, they’re are mates. Regarding hamza, I’ve heard a few things about him. He doesn’t come across very well.
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