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  1. Really wanna stay up and watch it but I know it be past 5 am before it starts. Might turn my phone on aeroplane mode and watch it when I wake up without knowing who’s won. I really fancy BJS tonight to get a result. Canelo I don’t get it, GGG won the first fight and the 2nd was a draw. Who’s canelo beat in their prime ? A washed up Kovalev ? Danny jacobs ? A finished cotto ? Old man Mosley ? Hype job Callum smith who got smashed up by Jon Ryder the fight before ? I don’t believe the hype with canelo at all.
  2. Definitely wasn’t but definitely isn’t the same Jamie Vardy anymore. Newcastle back line is shocking. Didn’t offer hardly anything. Looks like a league 1 striker.
  3. Thank you for everything Jamie Vardy and I hope you get a statue but it’s the end now. Doesn’t even look like scoring ever again.
  4. The blokes on 9.5 million a year please don’t expect too much from him.
  5. Genuinely would like him to leave at the end of the season. Always been a bottler, spurs would be perfect for him.
  6. Feel like going down after the game to boo them out the car park
  7. Can’t keep using the same excuses, we can’t every season get to the last few games and bottle it and blame the big clubs because they have more money. The players/manager clearly can’t handle the pressure. Not learnt anything from the last run in. Last week was embarrassing, this week is beyond embarrassing.
  8. I’d genuinely don’t get why nobody questions Rodgers mentality. Bottle last season and we’re doing the same this. What will the excuse be this time ...
  9. Yeah hopefully be the way forward from now on. Instead of paying 20 quid to watch a nothing fight in Parker vs chisora. Be good if there’s one platform for all boxing and you pay a monthly subscription.
  10. Why are people getting so angry about this ? It’s gonna be so shit, I’m a season ticket holder and do about 17 away games a season and I’m not going because it’s not a proper fa cup final. My dream in supporting Leicester was too win the fa cup but not with 4,000 Leicester fans there. I get people wanting to be there but I rather be at home with my mates celebrating if we win it. Not being marched about and probably made to be in my seat 2 hours before kick off. This won’t be a good day out and wearing a mask sat down for 90 mins will be shit.
  11. Anyone use DAZN before ? Just signed up and 1.99 a month can’t argue for a fight the size of Canelo Saunders. Quite good old fights on there. Why is it so cheap ? Would expect it to be at least 10 quid.
  12. Kasper Ricardo soyuncu evans castagne Tilemans Praet Ndidi Perez Iheanacho Maddison
  13. No we were flat tonight. Before Evans scored we never looked like scoring. Couldn’t move the ball fast enough and have away a silly free kick what led to them getting the penalty. We then have two good chances but Vardy goes near post when he only had to put it round the keeper into the far post and Ndidi just needs to pass it in instead of lacing it. We needed to be at it right from the start but wasn’t and was lucky he was offside. Was a crap night and needed to freshen it up tonight. Everyone slags under off but he could of made more of a difference then albrighton with 20 mins to go.
  14. Ricardo in for Thomas ? Did we really need to play 3 at the back tonight ? Perez could of came in tonight. Rested Vardy ? We didn’t play well against palace.
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