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  1. Agreed, need to think about options. There is a really good walk down the river towards Aylestone Meadows, be worth putting a multistory or similar there and encourage people to walk to the ground. Close links to the M1 and M69 motorway so easy to get in and out.
  2. The traffic and parking would be a major concern. Hope they are thinking through all possibly options, such as investing in park and ride schemes (sites are in place around the city) and looking at the rail line option - don't know if that is viable but would make sense also.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54649520 That's what I thought, BBC have him out with a thigh problem.
  4. That's quality. Love the sadness in the announcers voice too.
  5. I'll go left wing. Can't tackle, pass, head or track back. But I can put in a hell of a cross.
  6. Has anyone pointed out poor Justin? Thought he had a nightmare tonight, could see he was trying but everthing he did went a bit pear shaped. People saying he should replace Chilwell....... no chance, yet!
  7. KS CS JE CF JJ WN BC JM DP AP JV 3-1 win.......
  8. My favourite LCFC midfielder would be Steve Guppy My favourite non LCFC midfielder would be Steve Guppy, when he didn't play for Leicester. If I can't have him, I'm going Roy Keane. I know he is a pratt now but what a player.
  9. Does someone know when the agreemement with the current food vendors runs out at the stadium? I seem to remember it was soon. I'd be delighted to see new people running these when we eventually head back there! Might actually be able to buy things at half time without missing the match either side!
  10. That happened very recently in my village too! The residents of a new build estate complaining that another new build estate was being built right next to theirs! Some people are just plain stupid.
  11. I might also be being a bit dense, but how do you see how many purchased tickets you have outstanding? I think I just got extra's for the Palace game but I'd like to check before choosing my donation % On the history tab it says the below but can't find the "Tickets" tab!!! Then onto the season tickets which I'm assuming picks up the families too. All the tickets you have bought or reserved in the past are listed below. To manage your ACTIVE tickets please select the "Tickets" tab.
  12. I don't see why whenever it is deemed safe to play again - summer, autumn, winter, next year - we can't just finish the season from where we are currently and then work out when the new "season" starts from. Seems fair for all.
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