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  1. Apparently not: The renewal process for Season Tickets in the Family Stand will begin on Friday 28 May. As well as being invited to renew your seats, families in Block P and Block P1 will be invited to relocate to available seats in Block P2 or Block P3 during this time. Think its just a case of being patient..... I'm sure the club have a fool proof system set up.
  2. Anyone had any luck relocating from P or P1?
  3. Well this is not the best process for relocating to the new family stand......
  4. We are in P1 and have to make the decision to either move to P2/P3 or keep our seats in the now non-family section at £30ish more per seat per season - not that much! Hopefully there are 5 decent seats in P2 to possibly move to as our P1 seats are spot on behind the goal. At least we have options and understand why they have to do it. Expansion required of course but it has to be timed right. Having attended yesterday I will say we have not used the time off well at all to work on the concourse, toilets and other areas. It's an open goal for me to improve these and t
  5. I thought Mike's prize task was one of the best Taskmaster moments, up there with Tim Vine's lost hook and Joe Wilkinson's potato throw. Loved it. I think next series line up looks good.
  6. Brilliant day out Saturday, one I'll never forget! Interesting one, when we got back one of our boys asked what it was like to watch Fofana and Castagne live - hadn't realised we have never seen them play in the flesh before (for Leicester - not Atalanta!), but we have got so used to seeing them on the TV! As it turns out I thought both were excellent, Little Wes was up there with Youri and Kasper for man of the match!
  7. We had 4 seats and only showed those 4 together, so limited choice but very near season ticket seats! Happy days.
  8. Definitely this. You would not believe how many teams on Facebook are looking for specialised goalkeepers from U7s! Let the kids play and learn. Yes we all want to win, yes different people have different skill sets and attributes, but I am a great believer in rotation and progression at young ages. As for my view on LCFC's academy from my dealings with youth footy and my lads involvement; some very good coaches, some not as good, facilities and equipment spot on. But their organisation is not always of the standard you would expect from a top Premier league club -
  9. Very impressive. I've been doing a 5K challenge each month with work since lock down, not a distance I've tried before. Got down to 23:13 now and think sub 20 is a long way off!
  10. Agree on the virtual closed shops - at least there is opportunity for someone to break the "status quo" they were as you say trying to ensure. I also find the hypocrisy of a number of involved parties very amusing. Sky for example seem to forget their on going big 3/4/6 narrative long enough to preach to us all about how football should operate!
  11. I agree not the best example but it does highlight that in each of the last three seasons there has been a first timer in the Champions League Final. Spurs, PSG and now Man City. Not the best advert for a closed shop competition.
  12. Why the panic? Well played Southampton and we go again.
  13. Watching Mahrez at Man City now, he works (a bit) harder and spends a lot of the time doing the simple thing and keeping the ball rather than taking his man on. I think Pep has worked hard with him to pick and choose his moments in the right areas. To me he looks even better now unfortunately, like when the five a side show pony (every five a side has one) who learns to pass to his team mates.
  14. I've had a bad left knee now for twenty years, injured it playing football and am far too big and heavy for the running I do! But I want to keep running through it as the fitness gain feels like it outweighs the niggling aches and pains. I swear by a Patella strap now. Sure it is mostly in my head but might be worth looking at something similar if that helps?
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