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  1. I don't see why whenever it is deemed safe to play again - summer, autumn, winter, next year - we can't just finish the season from where we are currently and then work out when the new "season" starts from. Seems fair for all.
  2. One Watford player awaiting test results Watford Watford now say one player is awaiting test results on his symptoms. Training at the Hornets was cancelled yesterday after a number of players reported feeling unwell. “We've had players who have had symptoms of not being well," manager Nigel Pearson said. "We've got one player awaiting tests results on his symptoms. "We are trying to be proactive and hopefully the Premier League will make a strong decision based on what is good for everybody.”
  3. Praet was our best player last night, kept the ball moving, played in a variety of roles in the midfield and looked impressive. He's in for a while now.
  4. There should be a clarification message displayed to the fans in the stadium and the TV viewers to explain why a decision is or is not given. For example the one yesterday, it can be shown on the big screen with a message - "accidental handball and hand is in a natural position." This can then be done for all types of decision. A nice clear message so we all know what is going on and how they have decided it. It's ridiculous that in the stadium we have no idea what is going on, what is being checked and why a decision is made. A meaningless announcement over the speakers and the odd split second clip on the big screen is not good enough. Frustrating.
  5. This seems to be the way to go https://2020seat.co.uk/ https://www.wycombewanderers.co.uk/news/2018/november/adams-park-first-ground-to-install-2020-seat/ https://www.isportconnect.com/wolves-install-ground-breaking-football-seats-molineux/ You choose to sit or stand, everyone eyes are at the same height and offset seats help even more. Then if we set up a section and people 100% didn't want to move then they can stay in the new 2020 seats!
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