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  1. I'd be very surprised if Bredon didn't play a back 3 here, had Wilf been fit I think he'd have picked the usual team/formation. Brave to trust Chillers with containing Traore especially after what Mahrez put him through.
  2. Yeah right either help or kindly **** off, I'm not banned and your comments are boring crap
  3. I'm unable to post or start new topic under General chat, can't get anyone to reply to my emails so I'm hoping someone can help, get this when I click+ and drop down on menu, notice how only General chat is unavailable. Just so any "wise" people know I'm not banned so please don't waste my time with boring comments.
  4. I agree... Unfortunately for us it's Tony Hancock, right at home with the other comedians in the govt.
  5. This game has draw written in large print, 1-1 to us I reckon 😁
  6. But on the upside for the Madley name "blobby Bobby" Madley is back in league 1 & 2.
  7. My sources tell me that Bournmouth's favourite ref Jon Moss was set to fail but his Gym work saved him. Apparently he works out almost once a week..
  8. Completely disagree, Cummins isn't behind this, he's front and centre of this. This unelected megalomaniac is effectively running the country via his idiot puppet Johnson--what does this say about our "democracy"! And now we have a Chancellor with virtually zero experience who will no doubt be "advised" by guess who... I've never seen such a dire bunch of nobodies as this present crop (on every side) right at the time our country faces challenges beyond anything since the 1940's. Cameron made the most basic error when he called his catastrophic referendum - never ask a question you don't beyond doubt know the answer to. Those who live in Churchills fictional golden age are I fear in for a very rude awakening especially with Prime minister Cummins at the helm.
  9. Couldn't agree more, too many people don't look to the long term results of short term decisions and are then the first to cry "nobody saw this coming". The slow theft of our beautiful game has been insidious but those with vested interests have kept quiet- of course. The demeaning of the FA and League cups are the most visible but far from the only worrying changes of attitude on the part of the games should be leaders. But if ordinary fans do nothing because it's "their team manager" or owner damaging the good of the game, then the old divide and rule wins again. Someone on this forum said he couldn't understand why I and others were so upset with Klopps disgraceful actions because "it wasn't even my team"! Such a blind not to say thoughtless attitude will spell the end for the game as we know it and I fear the old political quip "no one ever underestimated the intelligence of the average voter" could equally be said of the average football fan. If this bias is allowed to continue unchecked then our sport will cease to justify the name and will become like WWE-Fake but profitable, that's when real fans depart for ever.
  10. Weren't Spuds after him? I rate him as a player and still only 25, don't know about temperament mind and I have a feeling Fulham would be asking big bucks too- Villa were put off by a 40m asking price.
  11. Y'know I kinda miss SFE... I know he was a spy and everything, but he did make exceedingly good predictions.
  12. Unfortunately for Harvey, England are blessed with quite a few players in his position, so I'd put his chances at slim, however add finishes to the chances he gets and he'd be a shoe in. In 2 years I'd expect he'll have a handful of caps always assuming his progress doesn't do a Demarai.
  13. Cos they are there to keep order and be a calm impartial voice- the fact that they regularly fail is beside the point. The natural conclusion of reacting is referees shouting, sulking and waving their arms around like 3 year olds..... And professional footballers. Hate to mention it here but Rugby Union option?
  14. Just in on BBC news:- The Oxford English Dictionary has changed its definition of the word Yid to include a "supporter of or player for Tottenham Hotspur". Apparently they narrowly missed out on "perpetual losers", "has beens" and "big headed b*stards" But there's always next year.
  15. Harvey's been practising at home, proving beyond doubt that he CAN now hit a Barnes door from 2ft...
  16. Looks like we have, a "reaction" is usually code for back too soon, now thinking I'd bite off hands offering a draw!
  17. Remember, City are no longer the little man who waits in fear of the knock at the door, We are the ones doing the knocking!
  18. Haha... So many people saying"ooooh not looking forward to this"! - again OPTIONS a/ Believe and enjoy the ride b/ Don't watch it then! 😁
  19. According to the BBC sport website this is in Dandy, Beano and The Sun (an exclusive by K.H.Kate) which means its intended for U10's. The polite word for this stuff is fiction.
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