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  1. I really rate Lookman. He could replace Gray for next season. He is our type of player.
  2. Yes. Leicester can pinch him easily. Just don't get him near penalties. 😏
  3. I wouldn't mind Lookman replacing Demarai Gray. He very comfortable on both flanks
  4. Well well well. Five defenders against Fulham
  5. For those who are wondering if Ndidi will get his shirt back. Here is your answer. You need that rugged ball winner in these games or else it's panic station when a top quality team runs at us.
  6. Easy to forget the type of work Ndidi puts it when you have this run of results... When Tielemans and Maddison begin to tire around mud season and nobody bothers to track back. I will remind you all of these comments.
  7. I know we all like Mendy. But he kills forward play so many times. When we have them pegged in their eighteen, you can trust Mendy to give a backward pass.
  8. I don't get this thing the defenders do. They invite pressure, then give it to the goalkeeper to whack it upfield . Why can't they just pass it on early before being closed down.
  9. Any pass given to Bennett, he goes backwards!
  10. Someone should show Brendan that interview. Humility and focus .
  11. I think Ralph Hassenhutl hasn't been given enough credit. To move a team from conceding 9 goals at home, to this. That's serious coaching and motivation.
  12. The worrisome thing is that the manager looks incapable of acknowledging his mistake. That is indeed very dangerous for the team going forward. You messed a perfectly good game up! Hold your hands up. Bournemouth were scared yesterday. They were passing backwards and making a hash of it. Brendan invited them back into the game with his negativity. If you didn't like Nacho's movement, what stops you from making the game a flat 442 with Perez behind Vardy. Gray and Barnes on the flanks in front of Fuchs and Justin. Bournemouth would have had problems defending instead thinking of attacking. I ha
  13. We need some forceful players... like this Michail Antonio or bold guys like Yarmelenko. Too many lightweight guys in our team. No taste for the ruff and tumble
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