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  1. Didn't we get JJ from Luton ? That level isn't has bad as some are painting it.
  2. He has done well this season. Kudos to him. The truth is that true greatness beckoned and he spurned it. I have not seen any evidence that Maddison was in any shape to get back into this team this season. The guy is practically struggling to jog. He is limping half the time. To bench Kelechi after one bad game to make space for Maddison is self destructive. Even when he came on when players were tired he made no impression, so why start him? With the number of goals Kelechi has scored in the past 3 months, all Rodgers is looking for is an opportunity to fit Maddison back in.
  3. Can we honestly say Maddison has done enough in the past 3 games to start this crucial game?
  4. We have to consider the fact that he has not played thus number of minutes consecutively in his entire career as a senior pro. Little cramps, mental fatigue, general weariness will set in at some point. He'll be fine once he gets used to this "new normal "
  5. Funny, Maddison leaves the pitch...we score
  6. There was no need to force Maddison into the starting eleven. The role he plays is so important. He has slowed the team down to his limping level
  7. This guy Maddison is limping around. It's like he's lost 3 batteries.
  8. Had a bad feeling the moment Youri ignored Vardy in the early minutes.
  9. Madison is a luxury we can't afford at the moment
  10. Apparently Inter and Chelsea are also sniffing around him.
  11. Unleashing Barnes, Vardy and Iheanacho on some teams next season could be tasty. Kelechi will hold the ball well, for the other two to run beyond him on either side.
  12. This is too timid. Bring Madison and Ricardo in for Perez and Albrighton
  13. Please can someone pause and appreciate how good Wilf has been in this game (with and without the ball)
  14. Is Madison tired of football already?
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