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  1. Before VAR players could be summoned to a hearing and banned retrospectively if video evidence showed that they should have been sent off. Does anybody know whether this still happens or does VAR now have the final say even if they admit to getting it wrong?
  2. For the exposure and prestige. Who would remember us losing to FC Nobody in the back of beyond when we have the opportunity to turn over one of the big guns in their own back yard? In order to be in that position later in the competition we would firstly need to get out of the group.
  3. Show me an instance when a team 14pts ahead has been caught with 14 fixtures remaining.....it doesn't happen.
  4. The higher the pot the more likely to be drawn against Eastern European crud. Surely better to play top European sides.
  5. There is now an argument for playing the strongest possible team in any remaining cup games. I've no doubt we will do tomorrow against Villa as we're only 90 mins away from Wembley but Rodgers should look to do so in every FA Cup tie as we wouldn't be jeopardising Champions League qualification. History shows that when chasing teams are equal to (or more than) the points behind a given team with the same number of games remaining, then that team will never be caught. In our case, we are 14pts ahead of ManUre, Spuds and Wolves all with 14 matches to play. Job done. We will finish either 3rd or 4th and it may be more advantageous to finish 4th with regards to Champions League as we will be in Pot 4 and guaranteed 2 matches against either Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus etc. Finishing 3rd and being in Pot 3 won't necessarily give the same guarantee. So come on, let's go all out for a double date at Wembley.
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